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ATI9600pro and Jas 10.4.8


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I have installed latest 10.4.8 successfully (I think) cause since getting a NIC that works the macihine seems to be running fine.


I now need to fix the QE/CI feature that is detected as not working by System Profiler. My question is, I am not even sure if QE/CI is really not working on my system. Things seems to be working fine. How do I test?


I read about people having 1 fps screensaver but mine is running fine. Assuming they are referring to "flurry" screensaver.


I downloaded and used xbench and here is my results.


Darn it...dunno how to do screenies with mac....


Results : 66.37

CPU Test : 59.50

Thread Test : 81.91

Memory Test : 78.42

Quartz Graphics Test : 64.97

OpenGL Graphics Test : 71.18

User Interface Test : 91.10

Disk Test : 42.93


So what does those results means?


Should I try to get QE/CI working on my system? If there any graphics benchmark program besided xbench?


edit : tested downloading a small movie trailer from itune and it is working fine. No stutter frames at all....

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try play a apple dvd player or chess game.



Hi I am running Jas 10.4.8 with ATI9600Pro/P4 3.0G Prescott too. However I cannot run DVD player. Whenever I launched it, it just bounce momentarily in the dock and dispappear. What is required to run Apple DVD player?

Also DVD movie stutter if I use VLC to play it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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chess game is running fine. Not perfect but no big problem. Minor problem is after placing the chess piece, there will be some display artifact where the mouse cursor was previously on the piece. Everything else seems fine. Will test on dvd player.

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