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  1. Try this to get sound working (https://github.com/t...udio_RealtekALC). It works for my Yosemite with clover boot loader. Best of Luck
  2. helob

    ALC888S - No audio on Yosemite

    Try this to get sound working (https://github.com/toleda/audio_RealtekALC). It works for my Yosemite with clover boot loader. Best of Luck
  3. Thank you for your reply and sharing with us config.plist and appleHDA.kext. What I find help to solve my sound issue is to use npci=2000 instead of default npci=3000 boot-args in config.plist for my system. Hope this help others who has similar sound issue with clover. Have a Nice day. What is your npci setting? Try set npci=2000 in Clover's Boot Args and seee whether this will solve your sound issue. Good Luck
  4. Hi brother, Glad you have solved your sleep issue. I have installed Mavericks on my system (see Signature) and boot with Chameleon using a patched AppleHDA.kext for sound on the onboard ALC888. Because of the iMessage & update issue with Chameleon bootloader, I tried using Clover r2236. Everything work fine except that I lost my sound. What did you have configure in Clover config.plist to get sound working on your system? Would appreciate if you can share your clover config.plist and appleHDA.kext with us. Thank You & Have a nice day.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I managed to install Mavericks GM on my system successfully except 2 minor problem. 1. Internal HDD shown as External orange HDD. 2. CMOS reset after sleep/restart. Any help will be much appreciated.
  6. Thank you for your response and help. Since last release of Chameleon ( I presume this include Chameleon-2.2svn-r2246), so there is no need for extra/extensions folder as all kexts have to be in /System/Library/Extensions/. Is this correct? What if you have the same kexts in both extra/extensions & /System/Library/Extensions/. Does this cause problem?
  7. Congratulations on your perfect install. I tried to follow the guide on page 1 but not clear on some instructions. Hope you can clarify for me. 1." 7. Copy essential kexts to /System/Library/Extensions on your USB stick" For ML, all essential kexts are in the extra/extension folder, why put in /S/L/E for Marvericks? 2."10. Copy your folder of essential software & kexts to your USB stick" Is it to the extra folder of the USB stick or root of the USB stick? 3."8. Install chameleon to the USB drive" Which revision of chameleon did u used or recommend? Thank You & Have a nice day.
  8. Hi rockinron, Thank you for the excellent guide. On Page 1, you indicate "My main guide will be updated to give a full explanation of how to install Mavericks around GM time" Maverick GM time has arrived. I am holding on to the installation awaiting your main guide. Will appreciate letting us know when it will be available? Thank You and Have a nice day.
  9. helob

    Front Row

    I tried Front Row for Lion package too and like you, its not working. May be some other can make FR work on ML.
  10. rockinron, Thank you for the updated ML install guide v2.2.pdf What are the changes compare with ML install guide v1.0.pdf? TQ
  11. Try with UseKernelCache=Yes after copying all the kexts from /E/Extra to /S/L/E and update KernelCache. It sure improve boot time. However I am still facing occassional black screen or hang after apple logo. Try without AtiConfig=xxx to use default which happen to be Baboon. Still faced same problem. With a black screen, not sure why unplug and replug video cable solve video problem. Do you reasons? When I am on Lion, I needed to patch framebuffer Uakari to make AtiConfig=Uakari video work. However with ML, I don't need that but it gives me video problem occasionally. Any inputs will be most welcome. Have a nice day
  12. Thanks brother. It works like a charm. xmen107, Currently I am using AtiConfig=Uakari. It works but quite frequently it gives me either a black screen or it hangs after the apple logo. I have to play around with the monitor (Dell U3011)( like switch it off and on) or cable (unplug and replug) to get video. I try your recommendation of Ati=Duckweed and it also work. See whether this will help with the video erratic problem with Uakari. I also read somewhere (can't remember now) that to speed up boot up, need to have extensions.mkext in /Extra/Extensions folder. How do you generate extensions.mkext file and do you need to change the original cache file? Thank you for your help again. Have a nice day
  13. What framebuffer for AtiConfig= do you recommend that I try? I thought AtiConfig is for the video card. How is that related to dvd player? TQ
  14. I tried by mounting Mountain Lion_GM.dmg in Lion and run the installer. Installation went smoothly but on reboot, it still show Lion. Not trace of ML at all. Would appreciate if you can share with us the steps you took to install ML over Lion. TQ