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Fixing problems

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Hi there,

I installed Sierra to my good old Hackintosh and I am facing several issues. I ignored some of them previously but now I decided to finally fix them. Also I made a new topic instead of posting again into my last kernel panic thread since I got around the kernel panic at boot problem. But I want to address the other problems now.

First and most critical: the computer freezes completely without any warning/message after a couple of minutes, forcing me to do a hard reset. I didn't encounter this problem with Cartri BIOS mod, but I want to go with stock BIOS as I'm not sure if this mod itself might cause problems with newer versions of macOS.

EP45-DS3L (Gigabyte)
GeForce 650 Ti
512GB Crucial SSD (Sata)
Audigy 2 ZS (kX mod)
PCIe USB 3 card (natively supported, works OOTB)

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Try to boot with npci=0x2000

Or use VoodooTCSync kext

maybe fix issue :hysterical:

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Thank you.


Went back to stock BIOS, installed latest Clover, enabled P-states, installed DSDT I found here in an older thread for my mainboard. Seems perfectly stable now!

I will look out for the other issues, but so far it's smooth..

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