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my G5 died should I build an hackintosh as main computer?

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Hi everybody,


unfortunatly my imac G5 revA died for the 2nd time in less than 6month. I am disappointed and I don't know if Apple is going to fix for free this time.

It was my production computer and I was runing Photoshop, after effect and final cut pro on it.

Do you think a Hackintosh is really worth the cost, is it really stable.

And if yes which mobo should I buy with 100% compatibility out of box with the minimum of tweaking?

I think of a Core 2 Duo E6300 as a CPU and an integrated video carte would be enough for what I am doing.

Also I have my old G4 case do you think I could find a card that fit into it?


Thaks for your comments and help.

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stable? not realy like all "hacked" systems crashes do happen.....

i would stay with my g5 if i were you after all everything runs native on it... and apple should still fix it for free...

you won't get 100% compatibility out of the box even after some tweaking the system might not run on full power...

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OSX-86 works very well on the "right" motherboard. I can not think of anything it can't do. However, it is quite a bit more labor intensive to keep it updated (many many fun hours for me) and there is no guarente that future versions of OSX will run at all.


Fun factor of having OSX on your PC ......... 10 !

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I hope Apple is going to fix my imac for free again because last time they change the motherboard and the FPU and the quote was around $800!!

how much stablility or unstability can I expect from a hackintosh?

I guess the right board is based on the 915/945 chipset, but wich board, with which part number is the most compatible? I don't mind tweaking a little bit.

For the update it doesn't really bother me because I'm still on osx.3.9

I'm sure it must be fun to have osx runing on a PC.

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Hi Unstable Connection did you had a bad experience with your hackintosh?

I am very curious to hear about any testimonial about the stability or the compatibility of a hackintosh before I start mine.


wallstreet, I think you are talking about the P5LD2VM. It seems to be the card that I am looking for.

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The effort required to run a Hackintosh, dl 4.38 GB images and fix all hardware incompatibilitys is way too much.


That way my Dell laptop doesnot have too many probs, 10.4.1,3,6 install succesfully, without any problems. But Wifi and Video arenot supported.


My desktop, took me around 2 weeks to figure out how to install. After that, network, gfx and USB patches had to applied. Still I donot have QE/CI.


Now the latest 10.4.8 just refuses to install on any one of them.


In the end, I guess it depends on your luck. Anyway, I am just going to buy an iMac and end my misery for once and for all.

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I hope they fix it and they should do it for free, stupid if they doesn't even if they have 3 months of warranty wherever you are or such. A machine shouldn't break down in 6 months, even less two times. And if it works I would keep it since a lot of binaries are still PPC only so say photoshop runs faster on your G5 than on a PC. Also since you have the real thing, a legal OS and so on why not use that instead of a hackintosh. Will also save you a lot of $ if they fixes the G5 for free.

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Yes they fixed it for free... they told me that they will do it agin if I still have any problems.

Well in this conditions, I guess I am going to stay on my Imac until photoshop and co. run on intel, after I will decide.

Thanks to everybody for comments and help.

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Intel D915GUX motherboard has built in GMA900 and everything on it works 'out of the box' with the JaS 10.4.7 DVD repack.


SATA, PATA, Sound, Video, Networking, USB.


With a 3.0Ghz P4/1MB CACHE/HT processor and a gig of DDR2 ram, it runs very stable and peppy. Cold boot to desktop in under 10 seconds. Xbench scores in the high 90's. PPC apps run under rosetta run much faster than they did on my Dual 1GHz G4 under 10.3.9.


No hacks, kexts to jack with, just choose SSE3, Intel Patch, and GMA900 during the install and you're good to go.


Of course the down side with any osX86 box is no Apple support, and no software updates direct from Apple, and as mentioned before, no guarantee future versions of OSX will run on it.

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I would try it if you can figure things out.


I have the asus P5LD2VM board.

E6300 core 2 duo

800 mhz ram

Sony DRU-530A DVD burner

Sata drive


I used the 10.4.6 install and the Paulicat method to update to 10.4.8 using the Apple update. Then used the Natit clone to get audio. Used Patchburn for sony drive. Also used Invisibles instead of Onyx to move invisible files. Then Repair disk permission after moving anything. I also recommend making two HD with System install so you can boot into an extra finder if you crash or something happens with the main drive. Also read the b0 error sticky and print it before installing anything. This will save you from wondering why a disk will not boot.


Everything works just like my G4 with 10.4.8 except much faster. Sys Info reads correct for everything, even OC. Sound works great.


Overclocked the E6300 to 2.45 gig. It seems that some have had trouble overclocking with this board. The PCIx number needs to be 118

Fixed PCI speed 33.3 mhz

cpu external freq 266-350 (soon after 350 FSB speed exceeds 1500 which seems to automatically reduce multiplier to 6)

set memory at or below rated speed


If you're up to all that then it will be very worth the effort.

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I built a hackintosh according to this thread:




What really matters is the motherboard. Besides I have a Pentium D 950 and now an ATI Radeon X1600XT.

Everything works very smooth, the problems have been really minor.


Of course there are many advantages: really cheap and easy to repair or upgrade, you can install every PC OS without any extra trick...

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I thought hackintoshes are now liberated *from* any hardware constraints that may have previously existed.. thanks to 10.4.8 & the new kernel?


I have a 3 year old system here with everything supported o_O. Count me lucky I guess, but I've had everything work right out of the box since 10.4.1, save for graphics.. which 10.4.8/Titan fixed.

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