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OS X on Secondary PCIe Video card?

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I'm curious if anyone out there has any experience with having 2 PCIe Video cards installed, but have OS X only use the secondary?


My main card that I'd *LOVE* to use for OS X which isn't currently supported by MacVidia (Though I haven't tried the Titan drivers yet) is an eVGA 7950gx2, this is installed in my primary PCIe slot. The second card I have is an ATI x1600XT which by itself works perfectly, CI/QE all supported of course. However, if I stick the ATI in the secondary PCIe slot I can't seem to get OS X see or use it.


Is it even possible to do this? Can I just tell OS X to ignore the primary and only use the secondary?


BTW, I have an ASUS P5W-DH board if that makes a difference..


Any help you can provide is really appreciated!





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if that doesn't work try removing all the nvidia kext you see(or move them temporarily), no gauruntee's it'll work and it might cause osx to stop booting...thats why its better just to move them so you can always move them back if your machine freaks out.


BUT....titan would be easier if your machines is capable of the new kernel

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