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Erfahrungen mit Powerall?

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Hallo liebe Community
Ich erkundige mich gerade über verschiedene Lottospiele und konnte auf #### link removed #### lesen, dass man die amerikanische Powerball Lotterie auch bei uns in Deutschland spielen kann. Das wusste ich bislang nicht und da die Gewinnsummen sehr hoch sind, würde ich gerne mein Glück versuchen.

Mich würde aber auch interessieren, ob jemand von euch Erfahrungen mit dem Spiel hat und was ihr mir darüber sagen könnt. Ich habe noch nie online Lotto gespielt und könnte den ein oder anderen Ratschlag gebrauchen.
Vielen Dank im Voraus
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Link unerwünscht !

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    • Test the configplist, copy the folder Other in place of yours, I have filtered the kext you need to your PC ... You should extract ACPI tables from the clover GUI with F4 and post it .... Before doing so, delete all the files you have in Clover Origin ...... We try to make this PC work like a real Macbookpro...... Post Photo DCPI manager Test.zip
    • I have this kinda issue with my monitor, it started a few months ago. Every now and then it will cut out completely, Audio still plays but my monitor like resets. Does it in Windows, macOS and linux. Benq gl2450ht I think my monitor is.

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    • Hi Urashimataro, No no with something else than a Mac! ;-) I created my USB SSD on my REAL MBPro 15". Then installed the latest CLOVER Then copy paste your EFI partition but with my own serial...   So no more confusion! Have a nice day  
    • Hi,   I still have (and always had) a weird problem with the nvidia card, and I don't know if it is a power unit issue or a driver issue. Do you have such a problem, too:   Sometimes the screen goes black, for example if I scroll a specific webpage. It turns then on again, and off again. Then it may disappear and everyathing works fine again. Or not. Usually a reboot will let this problem disappear. There is no obvious heavy cpu/power usage while this happens.   Do you know this problem? Does it sound like a driver problem?   I use a gt1050 2gb and a 4k monitor connected thru DP.
    • Hello! In my signature system the program does not show the life of the hard drives but only that of the ssd.   High Sierra 10.13.4