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High Sierra - Bios based boards

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Anyone had any success with a bios based board and High Sierra? When i boot the installer on my board with Clover 4084 the machine boots but about 15 seconds into the boot it just simply reboots and in verbose mode its too fast to see what happens.


I have all the normal kexts in kexts/Other including FakeSMC but i wonder if for a bios board kext injection is not working?


Any clues?

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Strange thing... i tried on 2 X99 systems and both can install, however on the MSI X99A Raider (with E5-2696v3, 48GB DDR4 ECC, GTX970) High Sierra partition does not show up (tried different HD's, and AFPS and HFS+) on my other X99 (Asus ROG STrix X99 Gaming, E5-27683v3 with 32GB DDR 3200 RAM) it installs fine, i can select after installation in Clover, but it keep on rebooting when the RX580 comes in. 

On my old computer stuff that i am selling it worked (MSI Z97 PC MAte, i7-4770, 32GB DDR3 with RX580) 

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Hi. The board in question is in an optiplex 980 and it runs sierra flawlessly. The kexts I am using for the install are the same as for the running sierra.


I have not changed my clover config from sierra as I don't think I have to not have I altered clover at all as I am on 4084 and using HFS.

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i knew it had to work

so to install high sierra the board doesn't has to be EUFI

it can be a bios board as long as is compatible


so this means that i can install high sierra in my neighbor PC

he has sierra installed right now


so he is going be extremely happy to hear the good news

thanks for the info



Yes works perfect - exactly the same clover config and kexts as Sierra working perfect on bios board with HighSierra Beta 2

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