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EnableLidWake — fix lid wake issues for Intel Graphics

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EnableLidWake.kext provides fix for Intel integrate graphics lid wake issue(enable internal display after sleep). This a Lilu plugin that provides users an alternative way to enable their lid wake after resuming from sleep. 


Support platform: Haswell, Skylake and later on Kabylake...


Usage: Install Lilu.kext + EnableLidWake.kext(and yes, you can inject it through bootloader)


Here's the source code: https://github.com/syscl/EnableLidWake


Here's the pre-built version of EnableLidWake.kext



Credit: @vit9696 and his Lilu.kext

Credit syscl for the lid wake patches


Good luck!


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Hi, firstly thanks for this repo.


I saw something not very good though...

1. As for logging, SYSLOG and DBGLOG macro from <Lilu/Headers/kern_util.hpp> have already contained the product name, and therefore it's better not to repeat them.

#define SYSLOG(str, ...) IOLog( xStringify(PRODUCT_NAME) ": " str "\n", ## __VA_ARGS__)

#ifdef DEBUG
#define DBGLOG(str, ...)																\
	do {																				\
		if (ADDPR(debugEnabled))										\
			IOLog( xStringify(PRODUCT_NAME) ": (DEBUG) " str "\n", ## __VA_ARGS__);		\
	} while(0)
#define DBGLOG(str, ...) do { } while(0)

2. You don't really need any API from <mach/vm_map.h> and <IOKit/IORegistryEntry.h> and thus they can be simply commented.

3. I suppose that only one of these kexts (Azul/SKLFB/KBLFB, etc) will be loaded at the same time, yes, your "break" should prove this true, and I think the whole processKext() can be optimized. (See attachment below)



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Hi All

Wake up my system after install thunderbolt card.

If I press sleep button went to sleep after 2 second wake up agan.

Please help for fix this.

Thank you.


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