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  1. It seems that @syscl has resolved the kp issue when card got inserted, and corrected the power state when card gets inserted which means the scared can be identified(but still error identified arguments). Did anyone want to give it a try(https://github.com/syscl/Sinetek-rtsx)? On my device M3800/XP15 9530(RTS5249), I got this when I inserted my sd-card Wish this project will finally come to usable stage, and I think more people get involved will give them much more information(log) to polish this driver!
  2. I think better file a bug with log (using his maclog) for @syscl on GitHub due to he did not appear on IM for long (maybe too busy for his studying). Edited: as for the issue tracking here, kp was not introduced by syscl, the kp originated from the base source from sinetek. There may have something sinetek did not commit to his source hub.
  3. Oh, @syscl also implemented power management for sd card as well! Please refer here.
  4. As for RTS525A for XPS 13 9350/9360 and XPS 15 9550/9560, seems syscl is working on this: https://github.com/syscl/Sinetek-rtsx
  5. Hi syscl, latest EnableLidWake worked for me with latest Lilu, nice job!
  6. cjfly

    Clover General discussion

    r4212 works on my laptop with build_clovercommand. thank you syscl
  7. cjfly

    Clover General discussion

    Nice improvement! Thank you developers thank you @syscl, I can disable kext easily now
  8. cjfly

    Clover General discussion

    I think users would like auto detection and delete some confusing options. Too many options too complicated, and devs have the ability to judge which cases to use which fixes, instead of leaving users endless messy option. Please sorry for my bad English. that's my two cents opinion.
  9. Wow, it's amazing you finally release the method you mentioned a few months ago. Means it is finally stable enough to release?
  10. cjfly

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    hi syscl , 1.4 works like a charm, and if I do not change brightness, the /Volumes/EFI/nvram.plist will not be updated, nice! Seems like it's almost the final version? Cheers v1.4 (c) 2017 syscl/lighting/Yating Zhou Found EFI disk0s1 Target path: /Volumes/EFI01 EmuVariable is present dump nvram
  11. cjfly

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    dear syscl, I can confirm this one work flawlessly! Thanks a ton! here is the result, I reboot 4 times and the result is the same as below v1.1 (c) 2017 syscl/lighting/Yating Zhou Found EFI disk0s1 Target path: /Volumes/EFI01 EmuVariable is present dump nvram >> End Script: /private/etc/rc.shutdown.d/80.save_nvram_plist.local ^_^
  12. cjfly

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello, my name is Jiafei Cheung, I am from HongKong, female. Very happy to find a good place to setup Mac OS X on my new available laptop, wish there's Clover(luck) happen soon! And, happy new Year everybody!