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Leopard install error launchctl.c:2325

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Hi, All.


I tried to post this question on another website (which I will leave unnamed), who apparently do not support OS X Leopard anymore. Thank goodness InsanelyMac does!

Anyway. I'm trying to build my first hackintosh, and as stated, on boot of the OS X Leopard installer, I hit the following error:

Bug: launchctl.c:2325 (23930):30: (dbfd = open(g_job_overrides_db_path, 0_RDONLY | O_EXLOCK | O_CREAT, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR)) != -1​

(see attached photo. I apologize for low quality image. Best I could get :/)

Booting with -s -v doesn't help. I get to the single user BASH shell, type exit as instructed to boot the system, and hit another hang. I assume it is the same error in the background.

Booting without -v simply shows the apple logo and the spinning loading circle indefinitely.

I am booting on an IBM X41 tablet computer (Screen is dead, however. I have to use VGA.) I am using Chameleon 2.1 r2069, and my boot disk is a USB which was 'restored' on a MacOS Sierra computer to contain the OS X Leopard install DVD, as well as Chameleon.

Originally, I attempted with A legacy version of an unnamed bootloader, however hit the following:

boot0: GPT
boot0: testing
boot0: testing
boot0: testing
boot0: error​

Which lead me to change bootloaders to Chameleon.

I had to delete all graphics kexts to get this far, and I have to use a USB keyboard, because the built in one doesn't work past chameleon (I.e. for single user mode).

As far as I'm aware, the BIOS is set up correctly, and the HDD is completely empty. The USB I'm booting with is on an MBR partition scheme, as GUID wouldn't work.

I also tried the Voodoo patched Kernel. No joy.

Finally, I have also attempted the install with OS X Tiger (same method for boot disk). That OS only manages to get as far as Darwin, before crashing.

Specs aren't pretty, but should be able to run Tiger and / or Leopard just fine:

Intel Pentium M LV 758 @ 1.2GHz
512MB DDR2 Ram
1.8" 60GB HDD @ 4200RPM
Intel PRO 2200BG WiFi​
Unlike the reply on the other unnamed website suggests, I know that WiFi and Graphics are both compatible if you poke around enough, because of the following YouTube video, however my VGA prediciment could break the graphics:

Hopefully someone can help with my ancient OS install :/
Hopes aren't high, but anyway.

Thanks in advance.


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Leopard is most definitely the best and latest version you can hope for. However, this is a really low-spec (not to say totally obsolete) laptop and it's highly likely to run like an old dog with that CPU, RAM and HDD (even latest Win XP is bound to run poorly on this). Ideally, you should consider upgrading to 1.5GB RAM (I think it's the X41 max.) + 5400rpm HDD (if that exists for 1.8" models). CPU is however soldered to the motherboard so you can't upgrade or overclock.


You may want to give iDeneb 10.5.x a go to see if this X41 can run Leopard. You'd have to experiment with options though, it's unlikely to be a straight boot to success. Not in my habit to recommend a distro but this is what I started with on my 2005 Dell Inspiron 6000 (Pentium M + GMA900 grahics) before switching to vanilla installations after gathering some experience and knowledge.


Expect no support for the mini-PCI Intel wireless card (OS X has never supported Intel wireless cards). You'll probably have to replace it; for instance, by a supported Broadcom model (e.g.: BCM4318-based cards such as DW1470).


Bottom line really is: is this worth any effort, especially on such an obsolete and broken laptop?

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Bottom line really is: is this worth any effort, especially on such an obsolete and broken laptop?


Point taken.

I was planning on upgrading the RAM. Wasn't aware that the Intel WiFi card needed replacing.


I'm really only messing around with this old machine, to see what I can do. Believe it or not, I did get Vista running rather smoothly on this thing, so it has a bit of life :/


I'll take your advice and check out iDeneb. Do you know of anywhere I can get it, or can't you say?



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I did a ton of searching, and fount copies of 1.5 and 1.5.1, however every single file I attempted to download (all the way back to 1.2) had either a broken link or was a torrent that hadn't been seeded for 10 thousand years.


Anyway, I've upgraded the RAM to 1GB, and installed windows 7 on it. If iDeneb is the last hope, and it can't be found, then win7 is the best I can hope for.


Thanks for your help. I'll keep looking for an iDeneb *.iso, however somehow I doubt finding anything.

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