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What kind of degree need to work in tech and inf sciences?

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Was wondering what you guys think about what kind of degree would one need to go into computer sciences considering a career change? Currently working in healthcare and hate it. Pretending to be someone I'm not and want out. Though considering all the time, money and effort I put into a wasted career being a dr of sorts thinking about bio-informatics as a career switch. Want to work with computers, and design software for healthcare. I have your typical Bachelor of Arts in Neurosciences from undergrad years and a doctorate in dental medicine.  Do I need a masters you think? Also online schools worth it?



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 @ daviddm71. for soft ware development you will need to learn coding of some sort. so I'm thinking  its back to school for you

if you want to earn a living from it

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It seems to me that in this area almost no one pays attention to your education. You may have a diploma of a doctor and you will still be able to work successfully in tech. You can learn everything by yourself. Because skills are what employers are interested in. Find a good learning resource or mentor, make a good portfolio, order a resume from top resume.com and start your career! But it can take as much (or even more time) as a university education.

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