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Instructions on how to fix GMA 900 in new release


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What I did was simply not install the GMA 900/950 packages at installation. Installed the 950 package after I finished the install. After that repaired permissions, rebooted and was good to go. If you already installed the packages, I would simply delete them and follow my instructions.

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I just wanted to update my install. I now have 10.4.7 installed and working very well. The problem I was having was the boot was locking up at the blue screen, after the grey apple screen. I did not know exactly what patches/programs to install on my vaio notebook. I have an intel core solo sse, sse2, and sse3. I have learned that the newer cpu's are mostly sse3. What I found was if your computer supports sse2 and sse3 to install the sse3 patch.( not both ) The reason the boot was locking up is I did not have the update to 10.4.7 box checked to install. I thought originally that was only to update from 10.4.6 . So I did some searching to find out why the boot was locking up at startup. What I read was the other people who were having this problem,they thought is was due to having a certain display /graphics card. Alot of the people have the GMA900 from intel, which is what I have.

Some people say you have to hook up an external moniter to get the OS to boot. But with me at least that was not the case. :):superman::smoke:


My notebook specs:

Sony Vaio VGN-N11OG

intel core solo with sse,sse2,sse3 support

intel GMA900 Card

windows xp and osx 10.4.7


What I installed of the disk:

core install programs (standard )

10.4.7 update

GMA900 support

wireless networking support




OSX is running very well and most power pc apps install and run. My next thing is to get wifi working, and sound. Not sure what the problem is there. So I hope this helps someone, I know it would of helped me when I was starting.

Thanks to those who helped me. And to all that make this site what it is :D:D:afro::yoji::yoji:

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