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Sony VIAO UX280P touchscreen/OS X compatibility

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I want one of these really badly. It would be great if these things were OS X compatible. The specs sound right.

1.2GHz core solo


4.5" touch screen @ 1024x600

1GB DDR2-533



Do you thing I'll be able to set the resolution to 1024x600 in OS X? And has an anyone gotten a touchscreen (like on a tablet pc) to work?

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dude, that would be awsome to have a touch screen osx86 computer! ;)

with the patches and stuff, the video should work... (i don't actually own one of those)

u should be worried about sound, the keyboard and the touch screen.

plus wifi and stuff

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I actually had no idea it has a touchscreen on it. >_> I linked to it in another topic. But even if the touchscreen doesn't work, there's always the keyboard on it and I maybe a mouse. It seems more or less like a tiny tiny tablet PC.

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