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Upgrade video card for CPU 775 system running Mavericks

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I have a 2010 build running Mavericks & Snow Leopard. 


Runs fine but I would like to update my video card.  I recently upgraded to a Quad Core 2.83GHz CPU from my original Pentium Dual Core 2.83Ghz.  (771 Xeon mod didn't work)    But since my Hackintosh is not current, hardware-wise & OS-wise I was hoping for some advice. 


Not really a gamer, but i did try to run Cities: Skylines on the Mac and it ran slow.  I just do basic web use, some website design and edit home video.  I just ordered a Dell Ultrasharp U2415 24.0 inch (1920 x 1080) and might want a 2nd monitor later.  I found this website with a list of graphic cards for Hackintoshes:  http://protechlists.com/best-graphics-cards-for-hackintosh/.  I would like to keep it under $100USD, so I was looking at the bottom two on the list or a different one if it works on my system.


TL:DR Need new NVIDIA card under $100USD that works on my Hack.


EDIT: one word.

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The GT 610 would be a terrible card to get - it scores far lower than a GT 430. GT 730 is a lower midrange card but I'd suggest to aim for something a little better.


Here's a site you can use to compare benchmark scores: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/


If you're up to buying a card from eBay, you can get a GTX 770 for $100 give or take and that's guaranteed to work in OS X. Note that it won't run in something like Snow Leopard since the technology didn't exist then. Another common one that people get is a GTX 750Ti that you can get under $100 on eBay. You'd need to install the Nvidia Web Drivers to use this one. This one of course scores lower than a GTX 770 on benchmarking but it will probably still be good enough for what you want.


If you want to buy these older models from a site like Amazon then you're guaranteed to pay much more than what they're worth these days.


You could always switch to ATI/AMD as well but I'm not the person to ask regarding those as I mainly use Nvidia.

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well one thing to really consider is if you have a AGP port or PCI-E for graphics on your machine that might also limit your choices.


What?  :surprised:

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I'd say that a 2010 is quite unlikely to have an AGP slot for video. By then, PCIe slots had already replaced the older technology for several years.


There are cheap (sub $50) low-end cards such as the nVidia GeForce G210 that work OOB from good-old SL 10.6 to current Sierra. That or the AMD/ATI equivalent might be of interest to the OP.

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