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Habilitar Wi-FI Broadcom BCM43227 (4358)

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Abro este hilo con la esperanza de si es posible habilitar el wifi en mi hackintosh ya que he leído diversas cosas de que si se puede o que no es soportada y probé habilitarla pero no he sabido/podido.


En si el chip que monta es Broadcom BCM43227 Vendor: 14E4 Device: 4358


Si no fuese compatible, ¿alguna opción que sea de las tipo mini compatible de forma nativa? 


Gracias y un saludo.

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Hola, deberías obtener tu respuesta en este tópico: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/292542-airport-pcie-half-mini/


Es lo que hay al respecto. Es la única posibilidad que tienes de que funcione, o no.


Por favor el próximo titulo que sea mas especifico o preciso, por ejemplo colocar el modelo de la Wi-Fi. Ya esta corregido. Saludos.

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Perdona por lo del titulo, la próxima vez será mas conciso.


Por lo que he podido leer:


"Update v4.1 - 11/5/16 - 10.12.1 WiFi Injection stopped working"


 entonces no tengo posibilidad de habilitarla por lo que pone, habrá que esperar o comprar otra que sea nativa...



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      Hi everyone

      a few days ago I took a new nvme SSD for my hackintosh to install Catalina and increase performance.

      Unfortunately, I'm having several problems
      One of these is related to fenvi T-919.

      Bluetooth works well. I can use bluetooth mouse and keyboard without problems.

      The real problem is the wi-fi connection.

      The connection is slow and airdrop does not work.
      Most often it cannot connect to the network.

      Everything works perfectly on my Crucial SSD with high sierra (although from today it has started not detecting devices with airdrop)

      I can't understand what it can be.

      I have tried the following things:
      - Remove the card and reposition it (it has always been in the first slot)
      - add the kext AirportBcrmFixup.kext
      - Reset the network settings of the mac
      - Use the high sierra config.plist and kext on Catalina

      I don't know where to bang my head anymore ...

      MOBO: Z170XP-SLI
      CPU: Intel 6600K
      GPU: Intel HD 530 (Integrated)
      RAM: Corsair CMK8GX4M1A2400C14 (2x8GB)
      PSU: Corsair HX750i
      WIFI-BLUETOOTH: Fenvi Desktop FV-T919
      SSD: Samsung 970 Evo plus

      I enclose below the photos of the information on the card and the .plist files of high sierra and catalina
      The rest of the photos with the various information are in their respective folders.
      (I can not post the files efi high sierra because I exceed 10Mb)

      I thank anyone who can help me to solve this huge problem
      catalina photo.zip
      CLOVER catalina.zip
      high sierra photo.zip