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LCD Keyboard under development

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The optimus LCD Keyboard is under development and in full swing from what it looks like. Some people thought it wouldn't exist, well, it's being developed and this is the proof.


Imagine never having to change a keyboard for PC or Mac, and have every keyboard shotcut look like it's supposed to! FCP and Avid users will go nuts! Along with Pro Tools and many others!

High end users will love this thing.


It looks like monochrome LCD for now, but give it time.


My guess is that it'll be 300-500 for one keyboard when it's done.

Just a guess.

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Yah this compant has been around for a a long long time, Ive been wanting one for ages, but isnt it OLED instead of LCD or is that the Optimus Pro?


Not Sure, they keep changing designs. They rumored it to be 10k for one keyboard!!! That takes me WAYYYY off the list of wanting one :huh:

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