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Apple USB Keyboards

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I have been using the white osx keyboard with my PC since it came out.

There is only a couple of annoyances....


(more of a little silly story..)


..except for the obvious; I also had a chick spill wine over it in the first week.. so I've also dismantled the whole thing (one million little screws / rubberbumps) and put the main piece (the keys) in the washmachine (yes, not the dishwasher) with my white washing. The keyboard came out in 3 pieces, but clean as new and was easy to puzzle together, thanks to the screws it hold's down perfectly still today with no visible sign of being broken..


For all you gross peeps with half a chipsbag stuck inbetween your keys this is a great way to spend an afternoon, your imaginary girlfriend will be v. pleased :whistle:


oh and the keyboard ofcourse works like on a mac on hackinto$h





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Well...as we speak about the 10232 screws in a Apple Keyboard..


by the time i removed all screws to clean the damn thing, i already

lost 9 of them.. I didn't know about the rubber thinggies on the keys,

so when i deleted the metal plate, i lost about 12 of those too.


I never came to the cleaning part..i just took my car and got me a

brand new apple keyboard...lol :hysterical:


Btw..in case someone wants to do the clean-a-apple-keyboard trick,

remember..if you get lost of some screws..chances are that will be

stuck in your feet..even 4 days later...just to be warned !


And yes..i controll my whole pc (dos/windows/osx) with the apple

keyboard..no probs at all.

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