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  1. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    i guess i am screwed. i got this laptop from the company i work for, for private use, but i have the intel graphics chip, and it doesn't look like it's separate from the system board.. any way of making the 4500 intel gfx work with osx with QE/CI? love gus
  2. Dell Latitude e6400

    I've not been running osx86 for a while now, since tiger was the name of the game. I just got a dell latitude e6400 sitting around.. and would like to get leo on it.. but is it worth it? Yes I have used the search function, but didnt find anything on the components.. The intel processor and ram etc never really pose a problem its the - Intel GMA x4500MHD integrated gfx - IDT HD Audio - Intel Wireless N card that make me think that attempting it not being worth it in the first place. has anyone given it a shot.. ? cheers
  3. HTPC Graphic Card TV-OUT

    @dj for me SVIDEO OUT sort of works during startup, but not properly. the picture is black&white but i do see the logo, and then both screens (projector/VGA) and tv-out goes black.. Gus
  4. HTPC Graphic Card TV-OUT

    Hi All, I am looking for a good gfx card that has working VGA AND TV-Out output, I need this since I have a projector and a 32" CRT widescreen TV, that are hooked up with my leopard HTPC. I have built in GMA950 which works ok but with mouse-tearing on the projector. I have also tried a nVidia 7300GT card which works great with VGA and no tearing, on the projector, but the tv-out doesn't work properly (could maybe be fixed??), I also tried a genuine apple DVI to Composite /Svideo converter to get tv output, but I get nothing out of that from the Nvidia card. Reading the wiki didn't help much since noone seems to list tvout compability. So does anyone know of a gfx card on the cheap, not outdated that can either get 100% tvout, or tvout with help of the dvi port and an apple dvi-composite dongle? I have searched the forum and tried a lot of things, so please just constructive help, and if I have missed something, please link to what I couldn't find. Cheers, Gus
  5. Leo HTPC & TV-OUT?

    @favlex haven't tried that. will report back as soon as i know. cheers gus
  6. Leo HTPC & TV-OUT?

    Hi again Zeba, Under further inspection i saw that the iMon IR Reciever is in fact detected by OSX. It's listed as a "Logitech reciever", so it might in fact work, but i need to see when i have the apple remote (should get it today/tomorrow). I am going to install logitech harmony remote software tonight and see if it helps. http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/440/3898&cl=us,en I wonder if the knob can be used though.. i will have a look in some linux / antec fusion forum.. have managed to get XBMC working pretty well now.. except for DTS/AC3 (need mixdown) it's doing pretty good. Gus
  7. Leo HTPC & TV-OUT?

    HI Zeba, the issues i am having are mostly due to the fact that i don't have a working digital out audio on the mobo (causes issues with AC3/DTS filez in XBMC) I am not sure about the iMon IR, if it can be made to work or not, to be honest i haven't experimented enough, since i got a cheap keyspan ir reciever anyway. if you have any idea that i could try with it, please let me know and i will tell you the results.. the knob doesn't work for volume though, and i don't know if can be made to work. the vfd sort of works with big bad owl's solution, but to be honest i am thinking of disconnecting it. i already removed the cable for the power button light cause it was too bright and annoying.. . i will write again tomorrow.. with more details on HW and XBMC.. gotta get some sleep now. cheers, Gus
  8. Hi All, I built a Leo HTPC! What I am really missing is a solution on how to get the same VGA output that I get on the projector on the TV set. I don't know if I need to just get a VGA splitter + a "VGA to Composite" cable, or if I need to get another Graphics Card (PCI x16) that can sort it out. Is there a cheap Passive Cooled Graphic Card that can do VGA and TV out (mirror) on Leo?? I have also tried with the ASUS Nvidia 7300GT but it didn't work properly. It gave an output, but it was sort of garbled. I used it with the Nvinject pack on the kalyway DVD. If I could get some sort of media extender card that could just do perfect native tvout for Leo, that would be great. If you're building a leo htpc please let me know your experiences. Specs: - Antec Fusion v2 case (silver) - Intel D945GTP MicroATX with Onboard GMA950 (from my old hackintosh) - Pentium D930 (3GhZ) - 2x 1GB OCZ - 160GB samsung SATA - LG DVD - WLAN ASUS WL-138G V2 PCI Card (OOTB detected as Airport in Leo) Accessories: - Logitech Mac RF Keyboard/Lasermouse (white) - HP vp6220 1024x768 DLP Projector - Standard CRT 32" widescreen TV (Daewoo) Other accessories, not yet hooked up: - Kayspan IR reciever (the built in Antec IR from iMon doesn't work in OSX) - Apple Remote Installed and working: - Kalyway 10.5.1 (non vanilla with Guid EFI) *working* - XBMC for OSX (well, i am missing downmix for AC3/DTS sound, so no HD/720p for me yet =( ) - SABnzbd with portforward & dyndns *working* Next Tasks: - Internally hook up the keyspan IR receiver to work with Apple Remote (mira, ired or remote buddy?) - Install Antec's OSX-VFD with fix from BigBadOwl (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=83598) - Install Growl - Install SABnzbd (br41n.com) fix to work with Growl cheers Gus
  9. VLC, mkv and Leopard

    hi all, what about playback of matroska files in frontrow? i have added the QT component, but the files won't even open them. has anyone solved this? i have tried playing mkv files in osx-XBMC 0.1 aswell, the video seems to work fine there, but I am having issues with sound; sounds like a hissing helicopter when i open the files with sound on. gus
  10. hi all, is it possible to use this method with win32 version of vista aswell? Cheers Gus
  11. @G5; that's really slow.. i am sure that there is some timeout counter running that makes it that slow.. ..unless everyone else has equally slow boot up times? it seems to be almost exactly 30 seconds.. please everyone who can be a55ed; post for how long you see the boot splash on your p5w dh, and use a timer (on your cellphone or something) i am just hoping this is not how long i will have to wait when i have go it to run properly.. cheers, G
  12. Remote Control in Leo

    thx minnie, i ordered a keyspan remote / receiver on ebay, and i got an apple remote, i will try with mira / remote buddy and see which one works best. cheers, Gus
  13. Hi All, Just checking, am I the only person who has an extremely slow post / bios on this mobo? I tried the following: - running only on IDE hdd - running only on SATA hdd- running on mixed IDE / SATA. - turning off all fan monitoring in BIOS. (was mentioned this could help on other forums) - setting IDE drives to not installed (also mentioned to help) - setting disable Jmicron raid (also mentioned to help) CPU and RAM is correctly identified in BIOS: I am running on 2302 (shipped) bios. Will upgrading the bios help? Replacing the RAM? Please let me know if you've had issues with a slow post/bios. My specs:- P5W DH Deluxe. - Intel Core Duo E2180 - PQI 512MBx2 RAM - 250/500GB HDD (SATA) - 160MB HDD (IDE) - Pioneer DVD (IDE) - ASUS Nvidia 7300GT - Lian-Li PC50 Case / 350 Watt PSU Cheers, Gus
  14. HI All, I finally got a hold of this mobo. 1a. Can someone point me at a dualboot (win32 XP / Leo Kaly, GUID-Vanilla) thread for Asus P5W DH? 1b. Or is it possible to run it with bootcamp? 2. Is anyone using this mobo with: Intel Core Duo E2180? 3. Are there any external webpages/must see sources for P5W DH? Cheers, :censored2: Gus
  15. Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD (sure as hell virginized it.. KALY/DUNE; the disc is great, but can we just have a clean install disc next time?) GUID + EFI (not vanilla) Had to set main partition "active" after installation with terminal using fdisk. Selfbuilt Box: Antec Fusion v2 Motherboard Manufacturer: Intel Model: D945GTP Version: 1 Bios Version: Latest Chipset: Intel 945 Audio: Sigmatel 9220: "Fix!" LAN: Apparently works with manual settings, haven't tried. CPU Model Number: Pentium D 930 Recognised as: 3.0ghz Memory/DDR: 2GB OCZ Video Manufacturer: Asus Model: 7300GT Bus Type: PCIe x16 Memory size: 256 Dual screen working: Partially, only tried main disp / TV-out. TV-OUT sort of worked, but slows down the whole rig, to an unusable speed. QE/CI working? Yes Resolution changeable? Yes Required patches or bios flashing? No SATA/IDE working: Yes (used AHCI for LEo Installation, set in bios) Wifi & patches? None yet other peripherals/pci addon cards? No misc hardware: Logitech wireless mouse keyboard, working perfectly under OSX.