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Frank Nitty

Admins at Mac-Forums.com are Apple Stans who retaliate over any opinion against Apple

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If you don't know what the definition of a Stan is then I saved you the trouble by linking it here. So moving on to the topic at hand, on the Mac Forums site, I had voiced my opinion by calling out Apple in a post entitled "Why no touchscreen??" linked here. Basically I had mentioned my distaste regarding Apple's launch of their new MBP w/o an update for their MP line up. I then get sent a PM from one of the admin pigoo3 whose real name is Nick telling me that he removed my signature because in his own words contained "Hackintosh info," and that they "do not allow Hackintosh topics/info at Mac-Forums." Mind you, my sig on their website was just a highly condensed version of the specs for Rig #1 which is found in my signature on this site but had the word "Hackintosh" at the end, nothing less and nothing more. I then tell him that I have been a member of that site for 5 yrs and not once had the word "hackintosh" in my sig been a problem and I have never posted any links, material, or made any OP's related to anything "hackintosh" oriented. I go on to say that he was being nitpicky b/c I was "voicing my opinion a/b Apple" and if "it was such a crime you [pigoo3] could've just removed the word "Hackintosh" from my sig and been done with it." He then tells me to read the "Mac-Forums Community Rules. We have no flexibility for anything Hackintosh related," and I then say "I had a list of my specs, so now it is against ToS to list the specs of a PC?" He responds by saying "We both know that this "PC" is a hackintosh running the Mac OS...which we do not allow discussion or mention of at Mac-Forums. It's not just a generic PC". Even though I have it running Windows, I tell him "Based on your logic, anybody who posts 'PC' specs in their sig must have a Hackintosh." He goes on to say "Your PC is a hackintosh...not a PC running Windows. That's a VERY clear distinction! No confusing logic. End of discussion please. Any further messages on this topic & their will be repercussions." What a pr!ck. Those mofos on that site think they're some Apple elitists like their knowledge of OS X/macOS be all and ends all. There's nothing but Apple sheep on that site, smh. RANT OVER... Now… back to your regularly scheduled program.

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Some people are just rather pathetic. I have also found the mere mention of another forum or posting a link to another forum on many OSX86 forums sometimes get's people rather wound up which I cannot understand, we are all here to learn and help each other. I could not even create a post in one forum a few days ago because I mentioned the word "RampageDev" as to where I found a working SSDT and until I made the word "R**pageDev" it kept saying I was trying to post spam.

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