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[For Sale] 21.5" AIO hackintosh, i3 3225 3.3Ghz , hd4000, 8gb


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selling off a couple of my mackintosh projects as i don't follow the scene anymore really.


last build i put on it was yosemite and it all works apart from the mini pci wifi that is no longer supported,but it works fine in mavericks and can easily be swapped out.


the trick is this one has HDMI input so you can have an iMac that lets you run your games console on the same screen. 


uses desktop CPU so can be upgraded to i5 or i7.


it also has windows 10 licensed to the device and it supports mSATA if you wanted to dual boot which is what i did.


UK only but if this is of interest to anyone drop me a line, happy to discuss and answer any questions..









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