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[DSDT] Lenovo G570 problem

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First my laptop spec: 
Lenovo G570
CPU I3-2310M

GPU - AMD Radeon 6370M

WiFI - Atheros AR9285
Ethernet - Atheros 8152 


I have problem with patching DSDT
When i apply patch "lenovo Twix" ( supports G570 , G470 , lenovo Twix ) after compile MaciASL give me 31 errors : http://imgur.com/8WUiQZA


My DSDT : https://www.dropbox.com/s/uy0loh6251tjyeg/DSDT.dsl?dl=0


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for that .. really u don't know what are u doing .. use original dsdt and clover patch


that dsdt.dsl  don't have any patch applied .. so is doing nothing .. only no errors .. that come from decompiled the original dsdt to dsdt.dsl


is in patched why ? don't have any patch .. 


read .. and read .. and a little more about what u try to do ..


good hack

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