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Usb Problems El Capitan 10.11.6

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Hey guys so I am new to mac, I currently have a macbook pro mid 2010. I have been getting no response from two of the 2.0 usb ports since I got it from my cousin, he said they used to work but after updating software, they stopped, I am doing a lot of research online about this issue and saw that some people have found solutions via going into some registry looking place and adding 'kext' files i believe it is and some other stuff I know nothing about.


I am a pc technician, reason for getting a mac is to learn about it to help mac customers, I guess this is my first assignment, anywho can anyone please shed some suggestions on steps i should take to get on the path to getting my ports to start working please??

I'm still doing research here on it, I saw some people tweaking their DSDT file and a plist file in AppleUSBEHCIPCI



I'm not gonna touch anything of course without learning more about whats going on but take a look at what i pulled up,

my Mac identifier values


Can someone please bring it down so i can understand :-)









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In terminal type this ioreg -p IOUSB
I'll get it intermittently if I plug a USB device in and it is not read I'll pull it out (no squawk from the OS) and push back in and then it reads. Try the terminal command to see if it shows up then you do know the port works.
Now I am not sure where you are with the mac but maybe a clean install then bring back your apps from migration or load them in new.
I just did that with my 2012 iMac 27" when I had a smart warning on the drive. I cracked it open replaced the hard drive with a pre formatted one (thats to make sure it worked and was not DOA) I then booted off a clone of the original hard drive but chosen the restore partition but had to make the 128GB SSD (thats behind the MOBO) and the new 3TB hard drive into a fusion drive; then continued on with the clean install.
I used migration to reinstall the apps.
Lou Cioccio

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