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  1. Hey guys so I am new to mac, I currently have a macbook pro mid 2010. I have been getting no response from two of the 2.0 usb ports since I got it from my cousin, he said they used to work but after updating software, they stopped, I am doing a lot of research online about this issue and saw that some people have found solutions via going into some registry looking place and adding 'kext' files i believe it is and some other stuff I know nothing about. I am a pc technician, reason for getting a mac is to learn about it to help mac customers, I guess this is my first assignment, anywho can anyone please shed some suggestions on steps i should take to get on the path to getting my ports to start working please?? I'm still doing research here on it, I saw some people tweaking their DSDT file and a plist file in AppleUSBEHCIPCI http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306777-guide-usb-fix-el-capitan-1011/ I'm not gonna touch anything of course without learning more about whats going on but take a look at what i pulled up, my Mac identifier values Can someone please bring it down so i can understand :-)