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New way to check SpeedStep! Maybe the best way!

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How to check your CPU's SpeedStep more simple and more accurate? Use MSRDumper.kext? isata menus?

Maybe you have other ways, but I like to do it myself. So I created this application—"CPU-S".
It is very simple to use—Just open the application, click the button, then you get the information you want.
I can't wait to share it with you. :D And here are some screenshots:

click "SpeedStep Test" to check your CPU's speedstep

one of hint messages

SpeedStep state

one of hint messages

build and copy ssdt.aml to your desktop

Some drivers need to make the app running.
If your system does not have these drivers, the application will install them.​

1.I'm Chinese, so there may be a time difference between me and you. And I may not be able to answer your question in a timely manner.  :blush:
 2.I'm not good at English...... ^_^



  • Intel ARK site for CPU info
  • Pike R Alpha's SSDT generator and AICPUPMInfo kext.
  • Kozlek/Rehabman/Slice HWMonitor
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Better stick to known & existing tools (that this app actually uses internally without telling, just look at the contents of the dmg and read the script).

  • Intel's ARK site for CPU info
  • Intel's PowerGadget app (and its API)
  • Pike R Alpha's SSDT generator script and AICPUPMInfo kext
  • Kozlek/Rehabman/Slice's HWMonitor app

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