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BCM94331CD Handoff/Continuity/AirDrop Problem

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I recently purchased a BCM94331CD wireless/bt card from aliexpress but I still unable to get Handoff/Continuity/AirDrop to work. do you guys have any solution?


For Handoff:

in the system preference>bluetooth it shows Handoff Supported: No


For AirDrop:

Doesn't have the option to "show everyone" and it does not discover any iPhone/iPad


Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 4.4.5f3 17904
  Hardware, Features, and Settings:
  Name: iMac
  Address: F4-F9-51-E8-B5-89
  Bluetooth Low Energy Supported: Yes
  Handoff Supported: No
  Instant Hot Spot Supported: No
  Manufacturer: Broadcom
  Transport: USB
  Chipset: 20702B0
  Firmware Version: v118 c9122
  Bluetooth Power: On
  Discoverable: Off
  Connectable: Yes
  Auto Seek Pointing: On
  Remote wake: On
  Vendor ID: 0x05AC
  Product ID: 0x828B
  HCI Version: 4.0 (0x6)
  HCI Revision: 0x23A2
  LMP Version: 4.0 (0x6)
  LMP Subversion: 0x4176
  Device Type (Major): Computer
  Device Type (Complete): Mac Desktop
  Composite Class Of Device: 0x380104
  Device Class (Major): 0x01
  Device Class (Minor): 0x01
  Service Class: 0x1C0
  Auto Seek Keyboard: On

bought the card from



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ok first let me try to explain something quick then i will try to help you , i have bcm4360cd , handoff , continuity , instant hotpot and air drop all of them work out of the box with that card , the problem you have is that your bluetooth has a different letter in product id and maybe your bluetooth is not compatible out of the box , but don't worry maybe all you need to do is run continuity tool to enable those features , i will show you how , here i uploaded this video to another user who has the same problem simply follow the video , i also wrote the instructions for you in english , so use the commands that i included for you in the zip file.

remember to choose number 2 when you answer the question and press enter at the end of the installation

here is the link to the video


if it doesn't work the first time try it a second time and if after the second time still doesn't work

then maybe most likely you are using an incompatible SMBIOS.


first go to

system preferences - sharing

and put a check mark on bluetooth sharing

that will turn on these 2 options

Discoverable: On

Connectable: Yes

then follow the video

the first video is the installation

the 2nd video is just the proof that the method works


ignore the device id that you see in that video , i was showing a guy who has a usb dongle how to enable handoff on his device

but is the same step as your device , except you have a different device id

but is the same process

ok in my bcm4360cd my device is

Vendor ID: 0x05AC

Product ID: 0x828D

and based in the info that you have provided your device is

Vendor ID: 0x05AC

Product ID: 0x828B

did you install the usb cable that comes with the card to the usb header in the motherboard?

did you rearrange the cables to match the pins in the usb header?

ok simply do this , go to

system preferences - bluetooth

and try to turn the bluetooth off and on

if is turning off and on just fine then everything is all right

if is not then tell me and i will tell you what you need to do to fix


also i think that there is a typo in your board description i look for  Z107X-UD5 and i couldn't find anything , i know about the 170 so i look for this Z170X-UD5 and i found this




is this your board?


is very weird that your bluetooth don't work out of the box , maybe you don't even need to run continuity tool and all you need to do is rearrange the cables , by default those cables come in position 1 and 3 , and in your board they go in position 3 and 5 the sameway they go in my board , you need to put those wires like in the picture , you can easy lift the black part that is holding the cable , be careful don't brake it , you only need to lift it up a little bit then pull the cable out and then put it or move it where it has to go. i hope you understand my english , this is the picture for that board model that i put in the link



Continuity Tool.zip

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thank you, it's working now! didn't know patching was necessary since it was suppose to work OOTB

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