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  1. Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    yeah is working now I don't know what happened the first time maybe the system got confused. I like the new disk utility but still lack one big option and that is to create a free space disk "unallocated unformatted" and as a big bonus we can access the APFS which is hidden in Sierra disk utility , thanks
  2. Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    I installed correctly however I get this error Framework unable to communicate with the Disk Management daemon
  3. i told them like 6 pages back but they didn't listen to me , now my board works without having to use emuvariable, so that weird problem that i had is now fixed thanks to this new version of clover, so i only needed to use emuvariable only in sierra and only for the card to work in sierra , my board has support for nvram without having to use emuvariable so it turn out to be a problem that clover fixed , technically i was forced to use emuvariable in sierra if i wanted my card to work, i explain this a million times, then they say that i didn't know what i was doing or i didn't know what i was talking about, that there it was something wrong with my board or my configuration. so time proved me right. anyway let's just forget the whole thing and move on, i'm happy and i can't wait for Sep 20. Sierra windows 10 sucks exactly the same thing happened to me now we are not forced to use emuvariable if our boards have support for nvram , the only person now that needs to use emuvariable are the ones that don't have nvram support in their boards and they are using clover in EUFI mode, so things are now back to normal.
  4. Anyone have a 980ti working?

    once again i'm back , download the new version of clover which includes some new fixes for sierra. now my system boots without having to use emuvariable and you don't need nvda_drv=1 flag either, install the new version of clover, now i won't make any more posts in that other section to avoid any trouble, i'm just going to lay low here. try that and tell me if that fixes your problem, if you didn't have to use emuvariable in EC now you don't need it either in Sierra with that new version of clover, mean while i'm going to take a look at your pictures and read page 3 completely ok infenouk try this , first don't use or select emuvariable then run this app http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/453-nvrammeapp/ and post the screenshot, now with the new version of clover you don't need emuvariable unless your board don't support nvram and you have no other option but to use emuvariable. but my board have support for nvram and it wasn't until this new version of clover that now i can finally use my board without having to use emuvariable. i had to use emuvariable just to get my card to work but now i don't need to use emuvariable and my card works, it was a weird issue but is now fixed in this new version of clover they added some new parameter. remember install the new version of clover uncheck nvda_drv=1 remove emuvariable reboot
  5. Clover 560Ti, reboot with inject, blank desktop with nvda_drv=1

    there is a new version of clover which includes some new fixes, let me ask you do you intend to move to sierra or are you just going to stay in EC for now. maybe you should try sierra because that if you move to sierra then you don't need nvda_drv=1 flag anymore. right now tat new version fixes the issue for me where i have to use emuvariable in sierra just to get my card to work now i don't need to use emuvariable in sierra for my card to work also i don't need to use or select nvda_drv=1 flag anymore. try the new version of clover maybe that fixes your problem. but i'm sure your problem is either the nvcap or you need to flash your card bios with a newer bios rom. i'm not going to write any more post in the other post just to avoid problems. good to be back
  6. Anyone have a 980ti working?

    don't worry for now about creating a working key, you can always create a new key or change the one that you already have later by using clover wand, yeah about your smbios showing something different there, that is definitely weird, try creating a new config file from scratch then verify again to see if you still have imac smbios, you can delete the old efi folder and reinstall clover to see if you get the right values after reinstalling clover, you can just hit the wand a few times now and you can create a working key later or you can try to create a new mac pro bios 5.1 key now while you are there so you don't have to leave that for later, that is up to you, either way is good. but i will first have the system booting fine then i will create the key later but that is just me, i'm going to check that about the smbios in clover boot menu but the last time i checked i always get the same smbios that i have installed on my system with the same serial # etc, do you have more than 1 clover installation in your hard drive or do you have more than 1 hard drive with clover, simply remove any other hard drive that you might have so you don't get confused with multiples versions of configurations of clover. edit just finished checking the smbios in clover boot menu and yes i do have the exact same info that i have in my system, that's the way it should be. so you need to find out what is causing that weird problem in your pc, but that is definitely a problem, just make sure the smbios in clover boot menu matches the smbios that you have in your system , simply remove any extra hard drive if you have more than 1 hard drive connected to your pc, delete the EFI folder from the EFI partition or from your drive root depending if you are running clover on EUFI or in Legacy mode, reinstall clover and reverify that info. after that info matches then we can move on to the next step edit you don't have to disconnect the extra drives, simply disable all the extra drives from the bios and leave only the mac drive enable. i think you have another config file in 1 of the drives and that's why you have a different system definition than the one you should have. so in order to find out you have to disable those drives for the moment. first disable the drives and if you still see the iMac smbios then delete the EFI folder and reinstall clover, if you see the right version of smbios after disabling the extra drives then that means that 1 of this drives have a clover config file with iMac smbios and that's why the confusion with the mixed smbios
  7. Clover 560Ti, reboot with inject, blank desktop with nvda_drv=1

    auto dmg will create a new clean install image for you and not only that but that image is already an installed system image, the difference is that you are not creating just a normal regular installer which you use to install the system , because after you restore that newly created auto dmg image to a hard drive the image is an already installed system image, meaning that you don't have to run the installer because the OS has already been installed, don't get confused you will know what i mean if you use it. but here i will explain the difference even better with this, if you use a normal image creator you will boot into the installer after you create that image but if you use auto dmg you will not get into the installer because auto dmg already installed the image and instead of seeing the installer like in a normal image creator tool , with auto dmg you will get into the create your account screen because the image was already installed and that's why you don't get to the installer screen, which is a much faster way to install mac os. good luck with a regular tool = create the installer then install the system then boot the os with auto dmg = boot the os because auto dmg already use the installer to installed the system so all you have to do now is create you account ad login into the new system and also if you integrated the updates during the image creation , you don't have to install updates because that image is already up to the date all you have to do is restore that dmg image to any hard drive using disk utility and you are done your system is up and running
  8. Clover 560Ti, reboot with inject, blank desktop with nvda_drv=1

    if you already have El Capitan installed you can use Auto DMG, then you can also download the updates and integrate those updates to that image that you are going to create, that image will have all the updates already installed on it, so you are creating a new up to the date El Capitan image, so when you install that image you don't have to install the updates because that image already have all the updates installed. also you can use carbon copy cloner to create a backup image of you new installed os, so if you ever want to start new you don't have to reinstall everything simply restore your image and you go back to the moment when you created that backup, this is not time machine this is much better, is also good to have a bootable backup in case of emergency, these are just suggestions you can also do it you way if you feel more comfortable. now you got more experience i'm sure you will get it to work.
  9. Installed wrong kexts

    sorry for the late reply i was very busy your board uses this lan Realtek® 8111E which is very common here it is if you are using enoch boot loader install the package that is in enoch folder if you are using clover, simply use te kext that is in clover folder and put that kext in clover-kexts folder inside your os number version that is the latest version, if you have any trouble you can also try the ones from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/88-realtekrtl8111-binary/ Latest.zip
  10. Anyone have a 980ti working?

    ok good if you switch to MPB 5.1 you don't need to use AppleGraphicsControl.kext, go to S/L/E and copy and paste AppleGraphicsControl.kext to the desktop. then delete AppleGraphicsControl.kext from S/L/E. and reboot no you can't use the same old values from 1 system definition to another, simply create a new set of values for you new system definition using clover wand, some people said in that past that these values from 1 system definition to another but i don't know if that is true or if that still works but is so easy to create a new serial that there is really no point on keeping the old serial # unless you have purchases tied to that serial # or you had iMessage working with the old serial #
  11. Anyone have a 980ti working?

    sorry i was away for 2 days, was very busy but now i'm back , so what happened you changed your smbios to mac pro 5.1, if you can give me an update of your current situation, too see if we can get back to business. use these 2 to remove all the other unnecessary graphic kexts that you don't need. so we can start good from the beginning Remove Intel & Ati.zip
  12. Clover 560Ti, reboot with inject, blank desktop with nvda_drv=1

    my friend bought an AMD card and he couldn't get more than 3 monitors working , that's when i find out about passive adapters or passive cables cables, i know about the digital and analogs terminology, to make a very long story short, the problem that he had is that his monitors didn't have display port connection, then he was converting dvi to hdmi but he didn't know that he needed a passive converter, to convert analog to digital. after i find out about everything and figured everything out for him , he order the right passive adapters with the right cables, now he have all 4 monitors working, with all four cards for a total of 16 monitors, yes some cards need passive adapters in order from them to work and turn on the extra monitor, also about your bios maybe you need it to reset your bios "restore default" but removing the battery is much better, walgreen sell those cr2032 batteries, they got duracell and energizer, yes sometimes we need to reset the bios to erase problems or errors, when you removed the battery you force a bios reset that deleted your previous configuration and create a new table or dump, maybe your bios was a little corrupted too. i don't know if nvidia cards need passive adapters for their cards but if that card is a little bit old maybe it does. once again good luck
  13. this my last post you have to use nvram that is stored in sierra boot drive because that nvram contains the nvda=drv value that the nvda_drv from El Capitan don’t have because El Capitan don't use that new value if you use another hard drive boot loader , yes it will boot the system , yes that hard drive also has nvram.plist but that file do not have the value that is require for the graphic card to work in sierra so most likely the problem that most people are having is because they are booting sierra from clover boot loader that is installed in El Capitan Hard drive or partition just make sure that sierra got his own boot loader installed on its own bootable sierra drive i’m done here , i wish everybody good luck and success all i wanted to do was help but it seems that it bothers some people
  14. Anyone have a 980ti working?

    yes don't worry i'm not out of ideas or solutions yet are you multi booting El Capitan and Sierra? let me ask you again do you have sierra install in one hard drive and El Capitan installed in another hard drive or do you have both system in the same drive with different partitions this the reason why i ask make sure you have clover boot loader installed in sierra bootable hard drive do not use any other hard drive bootloader do not even use an usb flash drive install clover in sierra hard drive and try to boot your system again the point here is to make sure that sierra reads nvram.plist from root of sierra hard drive because if you boot from another hard drive you might have a copy of nvram.plist there but is not going to have the values that you need for your card to work in sierra so you need to have the nvram.plist where it belongs in sierra hard drive with the right values and the only way to do that if to have nvram.plist in root of sierra drive if you have to run the commands again do it check this out http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312525-nvidia-web-driver-updates-for-macos-sierra-update-08292016/page-17 read post 329 and 339
  15. Installed wrong kexts

    ok no problem i figure that too. that maybe he should it ask for help in the other site where he got the package from good exactly , you did it right, you see the problem here , i'm trying to be neutral and get alone with everybody, just get the right kext for your device id and you are good to go, good luck man