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  1. UniTool

    Thank you ...
  2. Hi I managed to do it both sierra and high sierra with the idiot guide . With high sierra you have to add <key>IgnoreNVRAMBoot </key> <false/> to clover config and bingo it is working Lovely
  3. Hi nice guide but is it only for sierra and above??? I have used it on yosemite but I get this error I have tried a few times but still the same NOTE: No input product name found, using IORegistry value (MacBookPro8,1) NOTE: No input serial number found, using IORegistry value (W89GX278DH2G) ERROR: Invalid model identifier! I have just tried with Sierra and I get same error..... NOTE: No input product name found, using IORegistry value (MacBookPro8,1) NOTE: No input serial number found, using IORegistry value (C02J6MWUDH2G) ERROR: Invalid model identifier! Defaults-MacBook-Pro:~ default$
  4. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Ok after playing for almost 2 days with config file almost day and night I have managed to get audio working only if I disable speedstep in bios which is strange because speedstep still work in yosemite I have not a clue why is that but now I can watch video ok plus sound effect in system preferences work fine too while before they did not I have 2 e6400 one with p8600 2.4ghz and other with p8700 2.53ghz both with same problem This is my latest config for clover config.plist.zip Latest update I have reinstalled yosemite from scratch using clover but result still the same if I enable speedster in bios sound and video out of sync and sound effects in system prefs distorted So fine disabling speedster in bios because OS X will speedstep anyway but not a good idea if I want to install windows too Running out of ideas
  5. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Hi I decided finally to move from chameleon to clover mainly to fix fix iMessage on my E6400 I have managed to do that but with clover when I play videos on you tube the sound is not sincronised with the video...... I am running 10.10.5 Any one having same issue as me?????? A little update if I use config file from howoarang from latitude forum which is for e6500 it works but then although I change values for cpu it does not show proper ones??? So a bit stuck at the moment....... I attach both clover config files.. config.plistmine.zip config.pliste6500.zip
  6. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Yes Herve thank you for your help
  7. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Hi I managed in the end found a macbook 5.1 fakesmc at osxlatitude and now is fine goes all frequencies
  8. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Hi Herve I did read it at osxlatitude seems a bit complicated my specs are p8400 cpu 2.4ghz
  9. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Hi guys managed it on my E6400 but with cameleon instead of clover as I am not very familar with It was showing correct cpu values until I updated to 10.10.2 and now it doesnt Sleep works native but speed step in not working very well from low value always jumps to highest I am using coolbook and also tried pstate but result is the same It runs very nice indeed
  10. To both last posters QE/CI only works in 32bits not 64 I have managed to install 10.8.4 with hack from macrumours forum
  11. HWSensors

    Thanks for that I looked in there and gathered it was that one the culprit...
  12. HWSensors

    Hi REhabman now I get this error I was not getting b4 23/06/2013 12:11:43.000 kernel: SuperIODevice: [Fatal] found unsupported ship ID=0x701 Any ideas what is is for?????
  13. HWSensors

    I edited my dsdt so will show ambient and fan patch fan kick in at higher temps than normal but of course go off at lower temps e.g. 44 degrees
  14. HWSensors

    Well I have quiet fan patch on my dsdt and fakesmc is from you repo too Will check my dsdt for TAMB..... I have got it showing again thanks RehabMan you need fan only reading patch….
  15. HWSensors

    I have tried yours and also my dsdt is patched with maciasl with your repo in sources but I cannot get it to show it again. :-( :-(