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How to make video playlist at ipod?

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I am encountering a problem at making a "Video playlist" at my ipod. After ripping a DVD, tracks were converted and can only be put into the ipod under the "Movie" category, and it seems no way to create a video playlist like the music playlists which can be easily made under ITunes....did i miss something or there is actually some other software i need to make this work?

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Im sure in itunes (7) if you make a playlist and then drag the movie into it, then sync, then check ur ipod video playlist it should appear!



Tube sock is a nifty little program for mac for yoinking videos of youtube!!




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Well this is an old post but.

I have a 60 gig video ipod I have set the TV selector for TV I thought that was the hold up.

But no i have created a play list from itunes can select it and it will only play the first movie.

I have tried the add a music clip in the mix trick, it just jumps to the music and wont play the movies on the play list.

They are mp4 music videos i want to play from the ipod looks like a will have to use a laptop with itunes to do this.

I thought that was why I got the video far as I am concerned its just a brick now.


Perhaps I should buy a netbook to take the place of this Ipod. No need to buy a new one to many iphones around cheap.

Technology is aggravating sometimes.


I like life better when the hardest thing was put the cables on the component stereo.

i posted just in case others had this issue I am never the first with a issue.


Just could not google a fix for this one.

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