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  1. No qe support why waste your time.
  2. ralpho

    iATKOS L2 freezes at apple logo

    I have this same problem HD3000 ID 0116 I dont believe these will run. I have tried ever solution every edit for days and days. Dont get a system with this ID. And no one ever comes back after removing frame buffer other kext to say it working with QE/CI And I have tried other insatll meada olarila too and a boat load of boot media. So until I see it I guess I have to quit for now. More new hardware that is now a paper weight. You really only need to remove AppleIntelSNBGraphics and you can boot with GraphicsEnabler=no -f For those still taking up the cause.
  3. No matter what boot disk I use they fail. Even ones that use to work. This one stops at mounting done I swap disk hit f5 but nothing. I cant really figure what gives because there use to be no problem.
  4. Well this is an old post but. I have a 60 gig video ipod I have set the TV selector for TV I thought that was the hold up. But no i have created a play list from itunes can select it and it will only play the first movie. I have tried the add a music clip in the mix trick, it just jumps to the music and wont play the movies on the play list. They are mp4 music videos i want to play from the ipod looks like a will have to use a laptop with itunes to do this. I thought that was why I got the video far as I am concerned its just a brick now. Perhaps I should buy a netbook to take the place of this Ipod. No need to buy a new one to many iphones around cheap. Technology is aggravating sometimes. I like life better when the hardest thing was put the cables on the component stereo. i posted just in case others had this issue I am never the first with a issue. Just could not google a fix for this one.
  5. I formatted my drive with mac into 3 partitions the first thing I did then was install lion. Then I installed win7 and let it get the mbr. I now have a left over fat drive to share data. I boot into osx with a dvd, I dont want boot menus because wife uses this lappy too. Is there a way to make a bootable usb pen to take the place of my dvd boot. I can use a 8 gig stick to burn the iso to it from mac but I am not sure the pc bios will see it when I select boot from usb. Any Ideas. Comments. Glad to tell how I did it.
  6. ralpho

    Hp G72-262nr

    Niresh12495-Lion is what I used. If this is the one with the duel t4500. I got it all to work except video and wifi I used a belkin 54g 3rd usb instead. Even the sd card reader. It updated too. except the Chameleon did not work use a newer version. I forgot use hplap_kernel