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To my British friends. I lived in the UK for many years and I loved the UK and its people dearly. I believe virtually everybody loved me. What happens if you vote leave on 23 June, will I be a foreigner in what I see as my country? You don't need to be born in a place to belong there. In my very humble opinion it won't be good for Britain either, but the finest British minds have already told you that.


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It would be a mistake for the Scots to vote leave in the hope to get a second independence referendum IMHO. There is no guarantee they would get one. What is almost certain is that they would get a far right tory government in Westminster with the likes of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove or Priti Patel.

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mmmhm, it would be better that also Italy left the CE. British peoples will love us and viceversa IMHO. Just an agreement between two countries, and business as usual.


(sorry :blush: )


I strongly disagree. My life has been incredibly rich because I was free to move, work and study in any European Country. Thanks to the EU we have had the longest period of peace in European History. It is a great ideal and it must not die.

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To me it looks that nobody wants anybody to come to their country and it looks like that is the case all over europe. In the case with the beggers that finally can leave home and look for a better life elswhere they are not looked upon with a friendly eye. Imigrants in general have a hard time in every country in europe as I understand. So to me it does not look like the common thing works very good anyway so why keep it. Lots of taxpayers money from the more wealthy countrys where pumped in to weaker countrys economys where they then magically kind of disapeared. Probably just about everything you buy on a daily basis probably got more exspensive too.


It was a great idea from the start but I dont think it turned out very good. Of course it is a great opurtunity for politicians to make a name for themselves worldwide though but that is about it.


I am sad to say I see no advantage att all here where I live compared to before the EU and that is a shame thinking about what a great idea it was from the start.

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On 10/15/2017 at 4:36 PM, Nubira said:

To me it looks that nobody wants anybody to come to their country and it looks like that is the case all over europe.




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So basically we can blame it on who/what? Some undefined people coming in to the USA and steal jobs from who? Or is it the beggers here in my town i Sweden we can blame for all the bad stuff?

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