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    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    I am sorry but I have seen no real advantage with any of the updates since I don`t know Mountain Lion maybe. To me all the new stuff is cosmetic and good old computers are getting useless cause sometimes stuff ends upp you cannot even use them on the internet any longer. I use my computers for music, video, paying the bills and just general internetsurfing like watch youtube videos etc etc. I still have some older computers that still can handle 20+ channels of audio four monitors etc etc but cannot access the internet cause to make them run newer OSes I have to stop using some programs I need. This OS update hysterica is just for making more money not making things better for real.
  2. Maybe the easiest way is to use Davinci Resolve instead, I never had any problems with it and there is a free version which is supergood. My mobo is a ga z270x gaming 5 though so there might be a differens between them.
  3. Nubira

    Please, please, don't go

    So basically we can blame it on who/what? Some undefined people coming in to the USA and steal jobs from who? Or is it the beggers here in my town i Sweden we can blame for all the bad stuff?
  4. Nostalgia, I picked up a used GA EP35-DS3 and hooked up an old hdd I had from "back then". I love it but its hard to use it on the internet today cause of this constant OS update loop. It still works very good for making music though. This is a thanks for the deal video to the guy I bought it from
  5. Nubira

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    Yes and all this time everything worked and only a few % of consumers worldwide ever had any problems at all from this. So what changed so rapidly? And the question still remains why should consumers end up with the bill for something they should have known from the start and why are we the consumers responsible for criminal activities. We have a police force for that in pretty much every country in the world that we pay for via income tax so this is not our problem.
  6. Nubira

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    If you do not update your os how are they going to be able to change anything in your computer at all? Every hackmac owner have turned autoupdate of so we should be safe from this stunt. Till now computers have been working as expected and promised and it has been fairly unusual that criminals did break in to our systems. Have they seen or do they expect these activities to rise rapidly or whats the deal here. If someone breaks in on my property it is a case for the police not for the consumer to fix. Till now I have only updated when it was necessary like when a program I wanted or needed demanded for a newer os this will stop now. And Apples endless update loop of os x should have stopped years ago. For every one of the versions there has been at least 8 more updates! Why the hell dont they just make the stuff ready before they release it that is just stupid like making a car and forgetting the steeringwheel.
  7. They should fix what they already released before they do anything at all. Imagine a car maker having to come up with fixes for their cars like 12 times a year and model to avoid pepople getting hurt while driving them.
  8. Nubira

    The macOS 10.13 is coming...

    They should finnish the os x versions before they release new ones but they never do that and every new version has round 8 updates. So why the heck they release them before they are completely done with them is stupid. My guess is they try to force customers to buy new hardware repetedly. I have not seen any improvements at all since I started with hackintoshing in the leopard days. Well maybe snowleopard was a little cooler but thats it. Same on the ios side and my iphone and ipad constantly looses functionality and acts weird. These are products I paid some hard earned money for and that used to work supergood but not any more now they suck and for every update they suck even more.
  9. Yes at least two more lol and I have had so much fun with these fantastic mobos so Im glad i bought two cause one is still working. Tackar för tummarna håller mina med lol .
  10. @ niXta I thought my two qou mobos where the only ones that ended up in Sweden. At the moment and since about a year back one of my two mobos is broken though. Probably the bioschip need replacing so Ill try that when I get the time.
  11. Nubira

    Is macOS High Sierra 4K UHD compatible

    Just to make sure did you pick the right input source on your TV settings?
  12. Nubira

    Please, please, don't go

    To me it looks that nobody wants anybody to come to their country and it looks like that is the case all over europe. In the case with the beggers that finally can leave home and look for a better life elswhere they are not looked upon with a friendly eye. Imigrants in general have a hard time in every country in europe as I understand. So to me it does not look like the common thing works very good anyway so why keep it. Lots of taxpayers money from the more wealthy countrys where pumped in to weaker countrys economys where they then magically kind of disapeared. Probably just about everything you buy on a daily basis probably got more exspensive too. It was a great idea from the start but I dont think it turned out very good. Of course it is a great opurtunity for politicians to make a name for themselves worldwide though but that is about it. I am sad to say I see no advantage att all here where I live compared to before the EU and that is a shame thinking about what a great idea it was from the start.
  13. Do you ever have time to use your computers? To me it looks all you do is fixing them for the next up os x version. But I guess it is fun and time consuming cause some does not seem to be able to find the time with the replying or just don not ..... Or does that only happen to those who do not list their every little piece of hardware they own? Good thing this is a big forum lots of interesting stuff going on in other threads
  14. Nubira

    GA-Z270X-UD5 Issues please help

    I have the aorus gaming 5 working pretty ok its z270 too, maybe you can find some tips in a thread about that mobo. there cant a very big difference