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Leopard with Clover on GeForce Chipset

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I have a Zotac GeForce 9300 Mini-ITX board with a Sapphire Radeon HD4870 2 GB. The board is modified so that a Xeon E5450 fits, and this is working fine. There's Mavericks 10.9.5 installed and Leopard 10.5.8, unfortunately the 4870 is not supported yet, although there are drivers existing. A Snow Leopard installation is on another harddisk.


There are only a few problems, mainly the USB problem. All versions have a lot outputs like this:


AppleUSBEHCI[0xffffff8007808000]::UIMFinalize - could not get chip to halt within 100 ms


If the BIOS settings are set to Normal/Full Speed, then it works, but who wants to loose USB 2.0? Actually I'm using Chameleon - would it be worth a try to test Clover? Has anyone testet it with Leopard? In the kexts folder there's only 'Other'. Well, I'm still adding the mosts kexts to /S/L/E, also in other versions of OS X.


If anybody has a source for Radeon HD4870 kexts for 10.5.8 and some experiences with this card, would be great.


Greets, naquaada.

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Check this link, otherwise I'll check tomorrow a source code that I have on my hackintosh, then I could be build a driver for 10.5



To "AppleUSBEHCI" problems

Install DPCI Manager and upload the image with device id and vendor id

Upload a raw dsdt and ioreg file

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