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Mac Mini (Early 2009) - Proper threshold values for AGPM?

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I know this is an old horse, but at the moment, I'm running LaunchDaemon to move AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext out from S/L/E, thus disabling it altogether. With default values, the system freezes. This all began with Mavericks, and back then I was able to alter the values so that everything worked. Then I suffered a HD crash, and wasn't wise enough to have a backup :D In went Yosemite and all h*** broke loose, once again... At that point I found out the webdrivers fom nVidia, and resorted to launchdaemon method. But now I think it'd be better to stop removing the kext and use "proper" values instead. Also, I've planned for a long time to remove the heatsink from the chip and replacing the thermal paste. Any ideas?

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Oh well, as of now, I disabled the LaunchDaemon and upgraded to 15F28b, let's see if I get artifacts due to MCP overheating... (Distortion, then display locking, with only mouse pointer moving) Which was why I did edit the kext earlier, and disabled it altogether.

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