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  1. What SWU channel you're using? I'm on dev channel and no 15G21007 yet.
  2. New one: https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/346/WebDriver-346.03.15f14.pkg
  3. Looks dang good I've got one question, though... As a user of an unsupported mac, could this tool be used to create installmedia that would install Sierra on this old workhorse?
  4. 346.03.15f10 works also fine with 10.11.6 (15G18013) - Security Update Developer Beta 2017-005. (Mini late 2009, dunno why I keep on installing these...)
  5. I know the memory is interchangeable, but can I transfer my HDD's over to newer Mini without hassle?
  6. Plain old HDD's... No TM-backups, I'm going to move them physically over SSD is next on the list. I just wonder if I should rebuild kext caches etc while doing that.
  7. If only I could try Sierra, but my Mini isn't new enough... Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  8. Works also with 15G1602 (Security Update Developer Beta 2017-003)
  9. That's just what I do, but as an editor I like to use aforementioned MKL... Let's see what happens when i have the time to tinker. Thanks for that pic, there's all the info I need
  10. It never produces one nowadays, but I'll need to see about that after I've installed the security update... Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  11. That's just what I was referring to. It downloads all right, but patching the driver results in spinning beachball... MKL lets one to edit plist easily inside the kext and makes sure the permissions are set correctly.
  12. I know, I've been doing that constantly For some reason the WebDriver updater doesn't work for me anymore, so I need to rely on MacKextLight to edit the build version and KextUtility to rebuild caches (which also removes some bootargs despite it's config)
  13. And just as soon as NVD updates it's drivers to work with G1421, Apple rolls out another Security Update dev beta
  14. No longer seems to be able to add "nvda_drv=1" into boot args - I've edited KU_Config.plist correspondingly (-v, nvda_drv=1 and kext-dev-mode=1 enabled "YES", though the last one might no longer be needed.) Only -v gets applied.
  15. bb1045 made it first few posts above... But this time I will wait, spent several hours figuring out what was the culprit. Plist edit, reboot (verbose) filled with mdworker sandboxed out of everything and temps jumping to some 70 °C instead of baseline 50 °C (mmkay, baseline used to be 70 °C but I reapplied Arctic Ceramique...) After second reboot with un/installed f05 it was clear path to uninstall and not re. Waiting for feedback this time
  16. but why would it be obvious? I mean, prior to update above you...
  17. Just to let you know: latest update from Apple, "Security Update 2016-003 Supplemental Update" breaks NVidia Web Drivers totally, machine just does not start. Had to uninstall the drivers totally to boot up properly. And yeah, not on a hackintosh, but an Early 2009 Mini.
  18. I wonder if the folks at nVidia have forgotten about us now that Sierra has been released...
  19. DMCrimson

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 is out

    BTW: has anyone noticed that Finder reports bogus free space on HD's? According Finder my downloads volume has approx 16 gigs free, whilst System Information says 3.5 gigs... WTF. EDIT: apparently need to reindex my drives... EDIT2: didn't help. Ideas? EDIT3: took it's time but works again. Though my system blew, and had to get a new drive, install and migrate. Still few updates to install. All the data seems to be intact...
  20. DMCrimson

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 is out

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306535-nvidia-web-driver-updates-for-el-capitan-update-09022016/ Update to 10.11.6, also the security update, then install the latest web drivers.
  21. DMCrimson

    pre-release OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

    Installing now
  22. Hopefully. Dunno why an update to a web browser requires a restart though,
  23. Safari 10.0 Seed 2 out now, the only gripe with seed 1 has been facebook chat unavailable and comments needing double post (content unavailable)
  24. boot with OS X's own nVidia drivers?