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All working except laggys

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Hello i'm having só much lags when i open something, i've installed webdrivers, but still laggysh, for egxample when i open finder it take more trem 30 secs pc freezed (except mouse) some idea ? (In safe mode all open flawless) thanks and sorry my english

upload your full Extra folder, then we will see what we can do

which test kernel have you installed? do you use a dsdt? which drivers have you installed in to S/L/Extensions?

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I'm using 10.10.5 sse plus v3, but tested others and nothing changes. No, i dont use any dsdt.

I've created a fresh install today only to try fix this laggs so, i have installed only web drivers. Not installed network and sound yet

It lacks by a few drivers in Extra/Extensions/: AppleNForceATA.Imk64.bit.kext, Patched_10.7_ApplwRTC.kext, JMicronATA.kext, AHCIPortInjector.kext, SuperVIAATA.kext or AppleVIAATA.kext and ISPCIdrv.kext install the DPCI-MANAGER.app and check which hardware is not supported by drivers.

to your graphics card these days was reported something here on insaneleymac, seeking in the nvidia graphics card Area and read the report, I am with my smartphone on the go, so I can not find the post here.

I've installed a new one with only basicly necessary, but still the same when i boot with nvda_drv=1 so much laggs all time, and without nvda_drv all seems to e good, except i cant open Finder :( i have no more idea mavericks worked flawless on last year... But Yosemite.. No lucky yet

I've installed Mavericks and El Capitan for tests, Mavericks works all good, but El Capitan hás the same errors of yosemite..

I've tested with otther nvidia card but the error persists, maybe an wrong config in my bios?

Someone can help me ? In osx 10.10.1 i starded with msibase=0x90. And system works flowless.. But when i update to any recent update all problems described before returns and the msibase flag doesn't make effect anymore. Some idea?

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