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Can't boot OS X 10.8 in VMware Workstation

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So I've been trying to install OS X Mountain Lion in Workstation for a while now. I've added "smc.version = 0" to the VMX file to fix one error, but now there's another problem. When I boot the virtual machine it sits on the gray VMware screen for a few seconds, then does this.




It stays there for a couple of seconds, then quickly flashes into a black screen with white text. It disappears before I can read the whole thing, but it says something like "Server response timeout unsuccessful". After doing that it just throws me into this.




None of the options in there will make it boot. Anyone have any ideas?



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Try to recreate MLion ISO or DMG

It seems that VMware is not able to recognize it


I feared that might be the reason. I had to borrow a computer to get the 10.8 image because all of my Macs are on El Capitan.


Edit: Actually, I just remembered that I had previously used that 10.8 image on a real Mac and it worked perfectly.

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