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  1. trungpt

    Unlocker Next Steps

    Thank you for a great tool.I vote for the first item and the second-before-last item.
  2. I tried today, Apples gave me a stub installer about 13 MB BTW, is it possible to create an iso instead of creating a bootable usb?
  3. I cannot find the link for v2.1.1. I can only see the link for v2.1.0
  4. Thank you for everything so far. I had a great time trying MacOSX with Vmware.
  5. I'm still with Vmware Workstation v12 until we have good news. Thank you.
  6. Sorry, which is the script file to create ISO for MacOSX 10.12 in order to install on Vmware Workstation 12.5?
  7. Did you take a snapshot just after MacOSX installed? If you did, you can restore the snapshot to check if it is working as expected.
  8. Nice info bro. I'm trying to upgrade to v12 soon. I'm still lazy for upgrading
  9. I prefer the same solution.
  10. I don't even remember I passed the Quiz
  11. trungpt

    The new MacBook Pro concept

    I have exactly the same thought
  12. trungpt

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello and nice to see you around