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AMD Radeon HD 8240 R3 series - on El Capitan 10.11


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good news for AMD APU users with AMD Radeon HD 8240 series R3, After several attempts, I've been able to activate today my graphics card.

More details, I'll write in next days, in advance a few pictures.

AMD Radeon HD8240_1-4.png

AMD Radeon HD8240_2-4.png

AMD Radeon HD8240_3-4.png

AMD Radeon HD8240_4-4.png

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sorry, I have seen it coming, I had over the weekend very little time for OS X.

So to the AMD Radeon HD8240, the graphics card works without graphics acceleration as far as I can estimate that, here the desired ioreg file and a few pictures.



what does not work:

Ethernet card RTL8111

Wifi BCM4313 and Intel WM3945ABG

sound card


I will try to resolve the problems in the next few days.

AMD APU-E1-2500_AMD-Radeon-HD8240_1.png

AMD APU-E1-2500_AMD-Radeon-HD8240_2.png

AMD APU-E1-2500_AMD-Radeon-HD8240_3.png

AMD APU-E1-2500_AMD-Radeon-HD8240_4.png

AMD APU-E1-2500_AMD-Radeon-HD8240_5.png

AMD APU-E1-2500_AMD-Radeon-HD8240_6.png

AMD APU-E1-2500_AMD-Radeon-HD8240_7.png

AMD APU-E1-2500_AMD-Radeon-HD8240_8.png

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This is a Kabini family card


Can u upload your ioreg file from registry explorer ?


i'd like todo a research on this card type

Yes that's a Kabini AMD Radeon HD8240 R3-Series. But you can bring to work with any other graphics card. The procedure is relatively simple an efi-string in to org.chameleon.boot.plist, a modified dsdt with graphic injection and driver patch. That's it.


or use clover bootloader and test with fake id and efi string that should also work.

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I have tried to build an AMD Radeon drivers for R3, unfortunately it is me so far not succeeded to build an error-free kext drivers. The only away to bring the graphics card to work, I've described above in short-form.

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