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Panda Stirling

Someone to torrent me a Fresh Lion installation ?

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I know this is really not a common request, but i need something...

Can someone who have a compatible Mac could do a fresh Lion install on a little partition, Image it into a DMG, torrent me it and keep seeding until the download is finish.

I know, i ask a lot, but here's why:

I have an Early 2006 iMac, wich i upgraded it to a Core 2 Duo, but i only have 1,5Gb of RAM, and i need Lion. I tried every method i could founded on the Lion installer, Final release, Golden master, 1gb patch (OSInstall.mpkg), Upgraded Mac patch, but no of them work, always had the message: "Lion need 2Gb of RAM" or "Lion isn't supported by this computer"

My father had an iMac Late 2006 24" (wich died, that's where i found the Core 2 Duo), it was running Lion with 1Gb of RAM (come with 4Gb at base, but both stick has failed, and i does runned with 2x512Mb stick), and it runned great

And, with a fresh install, i could just restore the DMG into the second partition of my SSD, then just remove the PlatformSupport.plist and it could boot (then i will customize the install for myself, and ect...)

I'm not sure if someone could do this, but i'll be soo thankfull. :D

Thank you. :)


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I wouldn't think so. To quote the rules,

No posting of direct or indirect links to warez or pirated pieces of software, this includes cracks, serials and torrents.

Discussion of P2P, torrent sites, or similar download sites of any kind will not be tolerated. We do not want to know your illegal downloading habits.

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http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/specs/imac-core-2-duo-2.16-17-inch-specs.htmlI am assuming this is the one you have? Do you have any of the older OS's 10.6? At least the disc. One of the things I would do first see if I can get it off of eBay at least 10.6 or 10.5. Then check OWC for the for the 2-2GB sticks. This particular iMac is easy to take apart so I would seriously think SSD as the main and get a data doubler (again OWC) and put either a SSD or mechanical drive in the spot. Move the User directory to that position (remember in System Preference>>Users to point to that drive).  Also look at the display as these are noted for going south and  a vendor (check iFixit) has an adaptor to use a standard laptop screen (you'll save some $$).  I know your outside of CONUS at least you'll have some info.



Lou Cioccio

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