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Can't connect to the internet(Lenovo G50 AMD-8)

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This is my first attempt to hackintosh.


I've installed Mieze's Realtek8111/8168.kext and I can select ethernet on the network settings however, it's not recgonizing the cable being plugged although it seems like realtek boots up just fine in -v. Can you connect to the internet on 10.10.5 with an amd processor?


Thank you.


Edit:NVM. Got it to work. A combination of using bronya's kernal and replace kext(cache yosemite AMD), I finally got it to work. This will make you not need to boot up with npci=0x2000.

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hey, how you make replace cache yosemite amd works ? when i install this, i get kernel panic

Help ?

  • replace cache with kext Wizard or a similar tool
  • Kernel panic : then you might have installed another Ethernet driver in: E/Extensions or in: S/L/Extensions                                     Remember one thing, never install two drivers for one and the same hardware, most comes a kernel panic.
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