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(SUCCESS) El Capitan 10.11 on Surface Pro 3 i5 (Chris111 install, LonelyTV files)


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So yes, finally, I've fixed the mic that I thought I would never get to work

Turns out Mirone's patch for ALC288 has wrong Mic node config number


Now I can say we have Surface Pro 3's audio fully working here

Speaker、Audio jack、Mic all done with native AppleHDA


And the best thing is you'll never lose it after update(Unless Apple does some crazy change in the future) and have audio working even from the beginning of installation.


If you are using my files I previously uploaded, remove all the audio patches


Clover "kext to patch" patches



Most important:Restore original AppleHDA and rebuild cache with KextUtility or whatever you prefer to use


All you need to do last is just extract the file attached to Clover/kext/OSversion and inject "3" to Clover/Devices/Audio

That's it, you should have your audio fully working!!


If you think those process above is too confusing tt you, I can update my full Clover again anyway

Anyway, the mic on SP3 really took me months to complete, glad I eventually done it:)

hey is there a way to include the hdmi out sound via display port  is

since that port is not detected by applealc currently

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On the surface pro hackintosh the only thing not working for the community is 
the internal wifi. I found this page for Linux kernal driver database 
suggesting that support for the 88w8797 was added.

Marvell WiFi-Ex Driver for USB8797 found in drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/Kconfig

The configuration item CONFIG_MWIFIEX_USB:

prompt: Marvell WiFi-Ex Driver for USB8797
type: tristate
defined in drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/Kconfig
found in Linux kernels: 3.5–3.13, 3.13+HEAD
modules built: mwifiex_usb
Help text

This adds support for wireless adapters based on Marvell Avastar 88W8797 
chipset with USB interface.

If you choose to build it as a module, it will be called mwifiex_usb.

The link can be found here:


Like I mentioned, this is the only thing from preventing the surface pro from 
being 100 percent hackintosh.
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