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  1. Hi Guys, I have been using Hckintosh since a good time now. My last OS upgraded nicely to Sierra, so I've been using Sierra without problem for a few months. Now that I see that High Sierra is out I wanted to try. I duplicated my Hackintosh SSD and took out my Sierra one. I managed to upgrade the other Hackintosh SSD (10.12) to High Sierra (10.13).I got my EFI folder to work better (USB working, with USBInjectAll + my old DSDT & ethernet) Now I want to install a clean install (as I have EFI folder, it should not be a problem). I'm booting on my USB drive I'm formatting SSD as JHFS+ I'm installing High Sierra on it (which formats it in AFPS) I'm trying to boot then on my clean High Sierra Problems I installed web drivers (without anything else) for 10.13, ignored error, and could'nt boot again on this disk.As I saw that installation of webdrivers can be a little bit more complicated, I'm reinstalling OS and will NOT install webdrivers until I know how to do it Again, I installed 10.13 on SSD. I copied EFI to SSD to boot without USB drive I booted from SSD/EFI and booted to the system When installing web drivers you get a warning except if you : enable SIP and change CSRConfig to 0x0 install web drivers boot with CSR 0x3 It works now Next checks Audio fix Speedstepping test Get sleep to work TRIM Do some benchmarks
  2. MeuPRodrigo

    El Capitan and MS SP2

    Sry just saw i made an error. No clue for SP2 :/
  3. Ok so I have battery level and brightnesss control. But don't have cameras, sd card or audio by jack.
  4. What are artefacts on El Capitan ? I think my sleep works but i need to test it, didn't used my SP3 for some times now
  5. You kidding with that question no ? Really not the place @Manor : I have power management but don't know how exactly, didn't check. And I got speed stepping working with SSPrGen script. I will upload my EFI folder soon so you can check in it if you want
  6. MeuPRodrigo

    Using wifi with a login?

    Problem is WPA2-Entreprise. Not supported in most drivers / interfaces :/
  7. Didn't get to have trackpad gestures working, but didn't booted it since a few weeks. Real problem is wifi/bluetooth but otherwise that, and trackpad gestures, all seem to work. Have to say I had a strange bug with the Surface turning off and not rebooting without a hard reset. Other thing cool to have is Power Management with buttons, to sleep or wake and so
  8. MeuPRodrigo

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    And what about the SD Card Reader ? Hard to make it work under OS X ?
  9. Ok strange. I did the 10.11.1 update, and if I'm right I didn't have to modify anything to get my Type Cover working again. Everything just worked the same way it worked on 10.11 but still no cameras detected. That is weird. I'm gonna look into that better tonight, as you say that Cameras and AudioJack audio can work Could you maybe upload your EFI.zip so I could search inside what you could have different from me ? Thanks
  10. I was not using 10.10 on surface before What is the link for the audio fix ?
  11. MeuPRodrigo

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    I just created a topic about what works and not on mine : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/309047-1011-on-surface-pro-3/?p=2182678 But style pretty usable, last thing i would like would be SD Card reader and cameras Great work with that guys ! Really !
  12. MeuPRodrigo

    El Capitan and MS SP2

    check my post in this same forum
  13. MeuPRodrigo

    i2c-hid touchscreens, trackpads and more

    Yep super work. Can't wait
  14. MeuPRodrigo

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Surface Pro 3, i5 8gb ram, no cameras working :/
  15. MeuPRodrigo

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    So following the tutorial and using the files as of yesterday, I got typecover working (even after 10.11.1 update), and everything else excepting : wifi, bluetooth and touchscreen of course. Most of all -> sound works great (microphone, and speakers) but audio output (jack) doesn't work. Anyone know anything about that ? impossible ? on work ? I wanted ask you, is there somewhere someone thinking about the wifi situation ? Would someone be interested to have a look in it (someone with a bit of experience, i don't ) ? And also, two things : i wanted know if someone : - has also sometime the trackpad that is reckoned as multitouch and using two fingers would detect and show in screen two fingers ? - has fixed the second stage boot glitches ? After complete boot, and with the color scheme told about, no problems at all for me. Only problem is wifi speed with my {censored} usb adapter. Will buy tomorrow apple ethernet adapter to test if it works both on windows and mac. Would be perfect.