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Intel HD3000 x220 strange display question.

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Hi all, I am new to the forum, I have a strange case here wonder anyone can lend a hand?


I have a Thinkpad x220, this x220 is specially mod to have a FHD LCD Panel, the mod take advantage of the DisplayPort 2 that was not being used by the dock system, a special eDP board were made to drive a LP125WF2-SPB FHD panel.


It work well with Windows (Duplicate display has to be set under display), tho I am trying to get OSX running on it.


I followed guide in InsanelyMac and ######

I got 10.10 install and running alright, the only thing I can not get it work was the display. (As expected)


by default installation, things went smooth, tho the LP125WF2-SPB panel show no output (I am using kext for normal x220 hackintosh), I tho notice backlight does work, toggling it in System Preference does make the LCD brighter and dimmer (I was told by the person who did the mod this is how his hack works, the backlight was still wired and controlled as normal x220 with normal panel)


And only 1 display was found by system,


After a bit of search I found some info about AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB patching.


I tried patching /S/L/E/AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB/Contents/AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB

by replacing

02 05 00 00 00 04 00 00 07 00 00 00 > 02 05 00 00 00 08 00 00 06 00 00 00


Fix cache / permissions, reboot,


System seems to pick up the panel after the patch, Display Preference does pickup 2 monitor this time, as I would do before, mirror 2 display settings in Preference.

I start to see images on the panel, but the image / colors are all wrong as the attachment.


Running ioreg -l in terminal I do get correct EDIDs (compare to the ones I found on windows, 2 of them)


I can VNC / Teamviewer into the machine without any issue, I can see that things works well by 1920x1080 just no display on the screen.


Anyone any directions / ideas where I should be looking into?


Great thanks in advance.


Edited by Allan
Guide includes Tonymac's links.

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hello everybody,


sorry for bringing this super old thing up again, but I am having the exact same problem.
It seems there are not many people running a x220 fhd with macos.

Has someone here experience with that?

I’m using the nitrocaster kit and the mcdonnelltech.com instruction with a custom config.plist which does not reassign the dvi port of the dock connector.


The display (LG LP125WF2-SPB4) is recognized by the system (10.11.6), but with the very wrong colors like the ones described above.

The mod/display works well in Windows. Edid is correctly recognized by macos.


Any directions where I could investigate further?


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      Hello everybody, it’s been a long long time since my last post here on this forum, I’m having a lot of issues trying to activate my graphic card, the system recognizes the graphic card but there’s not full acceleration, clearly shows up its name as Intel graphics HD 3000 with only 4 MB of video ram.
      I would like to know how I could fix this problem or a least any suggestion about it. The reason I came to this site one more time is because I have no clue how to edit or patch a DSDt.aml file, I have clover bootloader and still  (seems to be easy but not for me LOL) so I don’t want to ruin the system once again.
      My configuration is
      OS macOS High Sierra 10.13
      SAMSUNG series 3 NP300E5C-A0US
      INTEL CORE i3 - 2370M 2.4 GHz
      WiFi ATHEROS AR5B95
      MEMORY 6 GB DDR3
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      habe versucht nach der Anleitung von http://x220.mcdonnelltech.com/  auf einen X220 i7 zu installieren, bisher leider erfolglos. kann mir jemand die angehangenen Log Meldungen interpretieren und einen Tip geben an welcher Stelle ich weiter probieren muss. Habe es schon mit den folgenden Bootparametern probiert
      -v -x -s -f cpus=1 maxmem=4096 GraphicsEnabler=No -no-zp
      Es war ein 8 GB Speicherriegel gesteckt und die "neue" WLAN Karte, außerdem ist zusätzlich zur MSATA eine weitere HDD installiert.

    • By giacomo.dessi2303
      Buongiorno a tutti sono un nuovo utente del forum e avrei bisogno di aiuto. Ho installato sierra sul mio laptop che ha le seguenti caratteristiche:
      Scheda video: intel hd graphics 3000 + NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M (so già che la scheda Nvidia non funzionerà)
      Scheda audio: Intel High Definition Audio
      Scheda di rete: 802.11b/g/n
      Questo è ciò che funziona e ciò che non funziona:
      Audio (OK)
      WebCam (OK)
      Ethernet (OK)
      Graphics (OK)
      Touchpad (OK)
      Keyboard (OK)
      WiFi (OK)
      USB (OK)
      Bootloader (OK)
      Battery (NO)
      Microphone (NO)
      Brightness (NO)
      Bluetooth (NO)
      SD Card Reader (NO)
      ​Non è che qualcuno di voi riuscirebbe a sistemarmi il DSDT in modo che il  portatile funzioni correttamente con sierra? Grazie in anticipo
      CLOVER + DSDT.zip
    • By moman2000
      Hi, I have recently got my RIG working quite well on El Capitan, with one of the issues being that my resolution needed is not available and the only resolution available is 1024x768. I have no QE/CI and graphics can be laggy and stutters especially when logging in to the OS.
      I would like to add that in order for El Capitan to realise my GPU is a HD3000 I boot with InjectIntel under Graphics Injection with the ID: 01128086
      My RIG's specs are in my signature
      This GPU and my USB 3.0 are the last things I need to get working. So if you can help that would be great.
      Screenshots are included in this post.
      I was also wondering which exact DSDT's/SSDT's I need and where. When I extract them with Clover I get:
      My Unmodified DSDT is attached and below is the patch I am trying to apply and compile into the DSDT:
      # Maintained by: PJALM (help@pjalm.com) for: http://pjalm.com/repos/
      # These patches are the registered property of PJALM.COM and can not be
      # redistributed or modified without the written consent of PJALM.COM.
      # Links to these patches are allowed. All material is protected under the DMCA.
      # Last Updated  : 05/07/2016
      # Patch Name    : GFX - Intel HD3000
      # Patch Version : 1.0
      # Warning : This patch is ment for Series 6/7 systems only, no guarantees of use on other systems.
      # Rename the GFX0 of the iGPU
      into device label GFX0 parent_label _SB.PCI0 set_label begin IGPU end;
      into scope label _SB.PCI0.GFX0 set_label begin _SB.PCI0.IGPU end;
      into method label GNOT parent_label IGPU code_regex (Notify\s\()GFX0(,\s[0-9A-Za-z]{4}\)) replaceall_matched begin %1IGPU%2 end;
      into method label _L06 parent_label _GPE code_regex (\\_SB.PCI0.)GFX0(.GS[A-Z]{2}) replaceall_matched begin %1IGPU%2 end;
      into method label OL1E parent_label _GPE code_regex (\\_SB.PCI0.)GFX0(\.([A-Z])LID) replaceall_matched begin %1IGPU%2 end;
      into method label _STA parent_label H_EC code_regex (Store\s\(0x[0-9A-F]{2},\s\^\^\^)GFX0(.CLID\)) replace_matched begin %1IGPU%2 end;
      into method label _WAK code_regex (\\_SB.PCI0.)GFX0(\.([A-Z])LID) replaceall_matched begin %1IGPU%2 end;
      into method label BRTN code_regex (\\_SB.PCI0.)GFX0(\.DD0\d) replaceall_matched begin %1IGPU%2 end;
      # Device injection for the Intel HD30000
      into method label _DSM parent_label IGPU remove_entry;
      into device label IGPU insert begin
      Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)\n
      Store (Package (0x0E) {\n
      "AAPL,slot-name", "Built In",\n
      "name", "Intel Graphics Controller",\n
      "model", Buffer (0x16) {"Intel HD Graphics 3000"},\n
      "device_type", Buffer (0x13) {"Graphics Controller"},\n
      "device-id", Buffer (0x04) {0x26,0x01,0x00,0x00},\n
      "AAPL,snb-platform-id", Buffer (0x04) {0x10,0x00,0x03,0x00},\n
      "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) {"onboard-1"}\n
      }, Local0)\n
      DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0))\n
      Return (Local0)\n
      # Change HDEF layout-id for Intel HD audio
      into method label _DSM parent_label HDEF code_regex ("layout-id",\s*Buffer\s+\(0x04\)\s*\{\s*)0x[0-9A-F]{2},\s*0x[0-9A-F]{2},\s*0x[0-9A-F]{2},\s*0x[0-9A-F]{2} replace_matched begin %10x03,0x00,0x00,0x00 end;

      Screenshots are attached to this post.
      DSDT AND SSDT.zip

    • By artkondrashov
      Hi My name is Vova please help me settings clover and dsdt tabel for laptop..
      Installed version of the system OS X 10.12.5
      Does not work:
      1. Mouse treckpad (no multipad), usb mouse Work;
      2. After Sleep mode, not work Audio and Micro, before sleep mode Audio and Mic true;
      3. Battery It works then does not work;
      4. This poppy does not open because of SMBios;
      5. The hotkeys of the backlight do not work;
      Thank you dear friend that did not pass by
      Here is a system dump, laptop data, a clover data.... in file check..
      Motherboard: Intel Cougar Point HM65, Intel Sandy Bridge
      CPU: Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-2670QM, 3000 MHz (30 x 100) CPU @ 2.20GHz
      Video adapter: Intel HD Graphics 3000

      IDE Controller: Standard SATA AHCI Controller

      WIFI network adapter: Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter
      Ethernet network adapter: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

      Audio Adapter: Conexant Cx20590 @ Intel Cougar Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [b-2]
      Audio Adapter: Intel Cougar Point HDMI @ Intel Cougar Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [b-2]
      diagnotic sony vaio.zip
      Folder CLOVER.zip