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Installed 10.4.6 Jas fine, but won't boot


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ok, just did my first install on a machine built for this. the install part went without a hitch, but the machine just boots to a blinking underline cursor and stays there.


Here are the hardware specs:


Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

Sapphire X1600XT 256M PCI-E

Lite-on DVD+/- RW

WD 120GB PATA on primary IDE (with optical drive)




I previously installed Win XP on the 120GB PATA to check hardware functionality and it all works fine in windows. I then installed the 500GB SATA and installed OSX86 from the JAS 10.4.6 DVD, which detected the SATA drive fine. I used Disk Utility to partition the SATA drive into 160GB boot partition and the rest for working space. I selected the Intel and SSE3 options for the install. No problems reported by the installer.


Most of the install guides seem to deal with dual booting options, etc. I had intended for this to boot directly into OS X most of the time and only switch to booting from the 120GB PATA drive when I need windows. Is this possible? Or is the problem that I can't boot OSX86 from the SATA? I did set that drive to be the boot drive in the BIOS, which is what leads to the blinking cursor...


Any clues where to go next?

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Same problem on the P5L-VM 1394


Install goes flawless, but on the reboot it shows like it's booting but then screen goes blank, and mine actually reboots?


I have two other 945G's (Intel) and they work beautifully...the only different hardware on this rig is the Mobo and the CPU.


Does this mobo simply just not work?

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i feel your pain man got the same problem.....black screen with flashing underscore


AND no setting the drive active didn't help nor did formating it into FAT32 / MBR partition, so i said F**K it and lets see if the new 10.4.8 will fix this issue

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