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  1. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    so...NF4 SATA still doesn't work???
  2. man i tried setting it primary on the dvd rom still would not boot...also try burning the image with alcohol 120 still no go... also to let you guys know ( the ppl telling me change this file load that file ) i've yet to be able to even boot from DVD to install screen here this is what shows on my screen with -v so what does all this mean?
  3. hey thanks im gonna try that out been using Nero to burn mines aswel
  4. so i have 2 DVD roms sould i set the DVD rom that will be reading the apple DVD primary then? the DVDRW i have will not boot the 10.4.8 at all and i think its the primary secondary drive i don't have any other IDE device except for these two DVD drives
  5. sorry guys but this is happening before any install at all ...just popin in the DVD on a blank HD.....even without the USB HD plug in i still get that and -v gives me "still waiting for root device" same problem as this dude here cept i only have "still waiting for root device" error in -v http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32290
  6. this is the new "fixed" reseeded DVD on demonoid i had the same problem with the first DVD aswell... im running on Pentium D 930 Asus P5N32 Sli deluxe mobo 2 SATA drives windows and storage IDE drive (usb) for mac OS 7900GT
  7. i've downloaded the new 10.4.8 but same problem as before "waiting for root device"....i get the no smoking sign ontop of the grey apple when trying to install with DVD.... i'm just wondering Does having 2 DVD drives have anything to do with this cuz I got a LG DVDRW+- as the primary DVD drive < this one won't boot the 10.4.8 DVD at all and i got a LG DVD rom as secondary < this drive boots the 10.4.8 DVD but like i mention above gives me the no smoking sign im wondering does it have anything to do with it being a Secondary DVD rom drive
  8. hey guys i just need help clearing things up... i have a ASUS P5N32 SLI deluxe mobo and it has NF4 SATA controller and a Silycon SATA controller well my question is that ....while installing on the 10.4.6 JAS DVD on a usb IDE drive ( the DVD being 10.4.4 before the combo patch) diskutil doesn't detect my SATA drives during the install....but once its patched to 10.4.6 ( finish installation ) i can see my SATA drives mount and diskutil detects em... so im wondering would the new 10.4.8 DVD beable to detect my SATA drives during installation im just guessing 10.4.4 is too old to detect the SATA?
  9. New JaS DVD

    was anyone able to install this on a external USB drive? with this 10.4.8? im trying to install it on my USB and getting "waiting for root device" error, it will not go pass grey apple screen -v shows "waiting for root device...the 10.4.6 dvd was able to find the USB drive fine and boots to installation
  10. WOW i had this exact same problem but with the 10.4.6 dvd...i still do actually and nothing seems to fix this {censored}
  11. i feel your pain man got the same problem.....black screen with flashing underscore AND no setting the drive active didn't help nor did formating it into FAT32 / MBR partition, so i said F**K it and lets see if the new 10.4.8 will fix this issue

    i have a question for u guys ...do you guys let it "verify install DVD" during install? cuz i just skip that bit.....i have a feeling my problem might be that but probly not

    ohh man i just tried it with formating the drive to fat32 and it still won't boot without the dvd what is goin on here...im goin nuts ...cuz it worked the very first time i installed OSX after i messed up and reformated to reinstall it will not boot without DVD again

    sorry but i just did this and it still doesn't boot when i've set it active with the timeout <key> ...i've partitioned it with my mac and choose the MBR option