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[SUCCESS] Lenovo IdeaPad u460

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Hardware: Lenovo IdeaPad u460 - 2.4GHz dual core 1st gen Core i5 (520M?)


Well, I ordered the Atheros 9285 WIFI/BT Combo card from China, turns out I didn't even need it.


This IdeaPad is second hand, so it may have been modified, but it came with Atheros AR9285 WIFI and Broadcom 2070 Bluetooth.


I had to be very careful removing AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext and AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext before each boot and after each update, as it contains 1st-gen Intel HD Graphics (IronLake).


Installer and boot settings: busratio=15 GraphicsEnabler=Yes


I used the excellent guide for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics QE/CI -> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/


I used the typical defaults, and it worked great first try. Full vRAM, QE/CI/GL and resolutions. NICE!


I already had patched IO80211.kext for AR9285 from a previous laptop install, so used that. It is a simple Info.plist edit with new Vendor/Device ID. Info on the 9285 patch is readily available with a simple Google search.


Bluetooth BCM2070 edit is available online. It works occasionally without the edit, but works ALL THE TIME with the edit. I believe I found it on a Russian Hackintosh site. I can provide the details if needed (or the kext).


Ethernet = Atheros 8131, downloaded the latest driver for L1XEthernet, edited matching 8131 section with new Device/Vendor IDs. Ethernet working.


Have 100% brightness all the time, no brightness slider, this could be fixed with a custom DSDT.

No Sleep/Wake - this could be fixed with a custom DSDT.

Sound hotkeys (and most hotkeys, except brightness) working.


Sound is ALC262, so only solution for me was VoodooHDA 2.8.7 (sound is pretty crappy, want to find Taruga's AppleHDA patcher, and see if it still works). Headphone jack works. HDMI audio out listed.


HDMI - Untested, but VGA out is definitely possible. No mirroring with these graphics, but possible switchable screens with HDMI.


That's it for now, about 95% functional IdeaPad. This one is a project for a friend. I upped the 2x1GB DDR3 to 2x2GB DDR3 for a bit more elbow room RAM-wise.


It may be my old 500GB recycled external USB HDD, now internal, but max link speed is only 1.5Gb/s, which I was not expecting.


If anyone else has tried this model, or knows of a custom DSDT file, I would be very interested in hearing about it.


Many thanks, and happy Hackintoshing !!!

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I had the info and patch for screen brightness (ACPIBrightness.kext and DSDT edit) all ready, but never got around to installing/trying it (it is always at 100% brightness).


It is not my laptop, and I have since reinstalled Windows 7 on it, so really cannot offer any help or advice. Look for RehabMan's post and instructions/files !!!

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