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AppleLPC.kext isn't loading

Java Lava

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Hello everybody


I have troubles with the AppleLPC.kext, basically the problem is that the kext isn't loading


I have attempted 4 things for load the kext but I had not luck and I don't know that other thing could do


1 - I did a patch to my DSDT - no luck

2 - I did a change on the same patch changing the line device to compatible - no luck

3 - I wanted add the device-id inside of kext but it was not necessary

4 - How i using Clover i add the kext for a load forced - no luck




The configuration of my rig is


CPU: i5-2400

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H rev 1.0

Graphics: Onboard: deactivated - Discret: AMD Radeon R9 270x

BIOS version: F14 (last version)

Bootloader version: Clover last version

SMBIOS: iMac12,2

OS: Yosemite 10.10.2


I leave attached the IOReg and my DSDT for see if someone could give me a help


Java Lava.ioreg.zip

Java Lava - DSDT.aml.zip

Java Lava - config.plist.zip

Java Lava - AppleLPC.kext.zip


Thanks in advanced

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Thanks by show interest artur-pt


Trying with your DSDT the AppleLPC.kext continue without load, and yes, I had care to use the AppleLPC.kext original


Now i did a second revision inside of the AppleLPC.kext and the device-id was not added as I thought, seems that the first time I was watching bad


Now I added the device-id and the AppleLPC.kext is working


Thanks by all

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