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Haswell memory corruption after sleep - Kernel Panic


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I tried for a long time to fix memory corruption after a long sleep time. (just normal sleep, hibernate is working)

After between 1 and 2 days the system crashes after wakeup. (page fault Kernel Panic)


A long time i thought its up to my mb but now i found out it seems all Haswell systems are affected.


Now i found out what causes this problem:

I edited the plist in Resources folder from X86Platformplugin.kext for my system and deleted the IOPlatformSystemSleepPolicy.


After i did this my system was running without problem.

Sleep and hibernate is still working without this entry, but i just tried them not in combination. 


Now it would be interessting if it could be patched before i leave it deleted.


Maybe somebody will help this to save time and nerves.



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