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    Thanks! Moorre's patch resolved the issue for me, in the following setup: - ASUS H81C, a 2-port eSATA PCIe card based on the ASM1061 chipset, connected (via eSATA) to a Sharkoon 5-bay enclosure - sleep/wake behavior was fine under El Cap - installed High Sierra 10.13.4 yesterday, made sure BIOS:CSM compatibility was Enabled - the enclosure would detect the disks during post, but sleep after the Clover screen, i.e. early on during booting as the Apple logo appeared :-( - diskutil list would not show the drives, just the one on the top bay I then tried (in exasperation) the patch directly above, and it now behaves flawlessly during boot, i.e. the enclosure and all its disks are recognized; will test sleeping later today. Thanks!!! With greetings from Athens, Xen
  2. Try enabling the AsusAICPUPM kernel patch. Also, regarding your booting troubles: for my DH55PJ, it is necessary to install Clover with the following option selected: Bootloader/boo0af in MBR (along with the ESP selection). HTH
  3. (from memory, maybe this will help) Clover installation - with this board, I installed for both "UEFI only"-"EFI partition", as well as legacy - latest Clover selects an iMac11,2 smbios - I'm not sure why, but with a second legacy Clover install (select the middle checkbox under "Install on the MBR"), things were OK; maybe place FakeSMC.kext under kexts/Other, too Clover Configurator - under kernel patches, check the "ASUS power managment": I think this resolved the crash during boot - in your case, consider injecting NVidia Hope this helps...
  4. xenophon

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Thank you for your beautiful work! Just so that you know, the new version resolved the following issue relating to AFP file sharing: v1.2.3 - AFP shares were visible from other Macs on the network v2.0.0 - AFP shares were NOT visible ("There was a problem connecting to the server"). v2.2.1 - all OK Once again, thanks. With greetings from Athens, Xen
  5. It may be boring to repeat, but thanks for your excellent work, mieze! (and OT, thanks wastez for the hibernate 25 advice!)
  6. @ wastez You first reported on Haswell systems becoming unstable during sleep (and detailed a procedure to delete the Sleep Policy plist); could this be related? On my end, I've been having the reboot upon wakeup issue for as long as I can remember (even before I switched to the mausi kext) ... :-(
  7. xenophon

    Clover General discussion

    On a related issue, I find it strange that with 0x28/0x67 (BooterConfig and CsrActiveConfig, respectively), the public domain utility "XtraFinder" warns that SIP is activated on Finder startup. It subsequently runs fine, it's just curious.
  8. xenophon

    El Capitan - Problems with sleep

    Well, the problem manifests in many incarnations. As far as I can tell, it mostly affects Z97 systems after longer periods of sleep, when the machine goes into "standby" (not "hibernation" as defined by OS X and Clover). Apparently, memory becomes unstable after waking up (from this particular state), culminating into a freeze/reboot/kernel panic/crash. I can't claim expertise on the subject, but your problem does not appear to be related. It could be anything, from, say the NVidia "Fermi freeze", to some rogue kext. Sorry for not being able to help.
  9. xenophon

    El Capitan - Problems with sleep

    Once again, thanks.
  10. xenophon

    El Capitan - Problems with sleep

    Thanks for the feedback! Although I'm actually across the globe from you, I monitor your writings very closely (hope that doesn't sound creepy). Question: "sleep is working" means what? How many days without reset?
  11. xenophon

    Problem with Sapphire R9 270X 2GB Dual-X OC, 2 GB

    In my case, a Sapphire R9 270 was used without modifications (El Capitan GM). However, depending on your SMBIOS, it may be necessary to make some plist changes, as described here: https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/os-x-mavericks-10-9-3-build-13d43-seeded/ For example, if using the iMac15,1 smbios, the system boots to a black screen (but does NOT hang, it just gets disconnected from video). The solution (quoting my notes on the subject, source unknown, somewhere over at t@nym@c forum): ---- quote from t@nym@c forum ---- Problem 4: Monitor goes to sleep at the end of the boot sequence when using iMac15,1 or MacPro 6,1 system definition Fix: modify the AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext 1. Using Finder locate this file /System/Library/Extensions/AppleGraphicsControl.kext 2. Right click and "Show Package Contents" 3. Now browse to /Contents/PlugIns/AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext/Contents/ 4. Open Info.plist using TextEdit 5. Scroll down to where you see <key>ConfigMap</key> 6. For the iMac15,1 locate the board-id "Mac-42FD25EABCABB274" and change string below it from "Config2" to "none". For the MacPro6,1 you will do the same thing but for the board-id "Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6". 7. Save the file. 8. Rebuild the kernel cache using the following two commands in terminal: 9. 
sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel 10. sudo kextcache -system-caches 11. 12. 
 13. Reboot -----
  12. Sorry for not referencing you; greetings!
  13. xenophon

    El Capitan - Problems with sleep

    Writing from the top of a mountain, so can't really provide a lot of input. Just the basics: - don't worry about terminal insisting that's an iMac - About this Mac:System Report should state it's a MacPro (under "Hardware" I believe), as specified in your SMBIOS - System Report: Extensions (further down) should give a kextstat list that's easier on the eyes (with a Yes/No "Loaded" indicator) - all the Kexts mentioned above are genuine Apple; their state indicates whether you have proper (for the Mac model you've chosen) power management - "power management" when used in this context (smbios, SSDT generation, etc) mostly refers to CPU power management, i.e. speed stepping, C7 sleeping, and all that mumbo jumbo - without a custom SSDT (which includes "faking" the LPC device -deals with power managing your system) well, you DON'T have power management - not having proper power management "leads to many problems, esp. relating to sleep" (I'm quoting Rehabman, a true expert on this field) - a quick and dirty way to see CPU PM in action in to run "Intel Power Gadget" Well, having said that, I should add that dealing with power management as best that I can (Pike's SSDT generation script, Clover's flags in the ACPI section) HASN'T allowed me to solve the reboot after sleep / freeze / memory corruption problem. That's the reason why your travails (which had an entirely fresh approach) enthused me so much! The bottom line: this problem appears to be unsolvable for some setups, and it is just impossible to figure out why, or to fix it. In my case, it has been going on ever since I switched to a Z97 system a year ago - I should add that it is DRIVING ME CRAZY! On a daily basis, I keep trying new approaches - currently testing MacBookPro smbioses. Not happy. Thanks, though, for the glimmer of hope you provided - and the follow up information. Take care. Addendum: - bdmesg (a Clover terminal command, if present) will provide a lot of cryptic information - myterminalprompt$ ioreg -l | grep board-id (will output the Mac model that's used by the OS to decide based on plists, e.g. the ones inside the graphics kext you mentioned (Sorry for the typos, esp. on the terminal commands - beware) Regarding whether a change in SMBIOS alone will load the appropriate Kexts: - the LPC gets loaded when an appropriate LPC device is present in your ioreg (whatever that means) - as a rule, you need to fix that: Google "toleda's 9-series LPC" - since Clover makes a lot of nice decisions by itself, I bet that changing SMBIOS alone will affect power management favorably - who knows, probably MacPro3,1 isn't supposed to load these kexts (furthermore, with an empty config.plist, Clover will set you up as an iMac14,2) If you don't mind me giving you advice, I would spend some time trying Pike's SSDT generation script on sourceforge, WITH your current MacPro3,1 SMBIOS, perhaps include toleda's LPC snippet (it's actually an extra SSDT), and take it from there.
  14. Another stupid question from a non-affected user: Could this problem be similar to the dark-screen-on-boot with AMD cards and the iMac15,1 SMBIOS? That one is resolved by editing the AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext (and changing "Config2" to "none" under "Mac-42FD25EABCABB274" in the appropriate place within: /Contents/PlugIns/AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext/Contents/Info.plist If I had an AMD card I would try it before commenting here, but I don't so I can't; sorry if this, too, proves to be irrelevant. Xen
  15. xenophon

    OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Back to the drawing board, then. Thanks, RehabMan! With greetings from Athens, Xen