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GMA4500 has got qe/ci but owner of kexts needs to be puswaded


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Ok everyone its old news but the gma4500m and mhd have qe/ci on lion BUT the owner JawhnL5 has not released the kexts so if people needed them they will need to find away to puswade him to release them. (sorry for terrible spelling)


Ok so the post they made was removed so here is an archived link of it before it was removed for you to read:



Here is the statment from OSXLatitude about the project going dead and JawhnL5 not wanting to share the kexts:



Just a small possibility it could still work, for those still running gma4500 cards in 2015.

I had one till late 2014 and now have moved to hd 3000 + radeon 7470m


Good Luck!



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